The Top 5 Simple Perks Of Having A Cat

The Top 5 Simple Perks Of Having A Cat

There are just some things that cats do, or ways they act, that make my life feel happier.

Brandy Clymer

Some women call themselves "Dog Moms," and yet the equivalent to that on the other side is "Crazy Cat Lady." Now, I'm not going to touch too much on that whole thing, but even if I have to accept that title by having my cat, I will, because cats are worth it. I'll still call myself a "Cat Mom," whether the rest of the whole concedes or not, since my cat is a joy to my life.

Don't get me wrong though, she has her own issues, and cats aren't called "man's best friend," for a reason. But, there are just some things that cats do, or ways they act, that make my life feel happier. It may be the smallest thing, but even these 5 simple things are proof of the perks and positive impact of cats in our lives.

1. So soft.


So simple, yet so soft. Personally, I can't remember a time when I pet a cat that wasn't soft. Like, dogs come in a variety of textures, but I think cats just come in one: pillow.

2. The purring.


When I hear a cat purr it is literal music to my ears. The fact that they are so happy and content that they make such a comforting sound is magically, and honestly flattering. Cats get a bad rep that they are hard to please, but maybe that makes them purring that much sweeter.

3. The perfect blend of intelligence and stupidity.


Cats can be so smart and careful one moment, and then fall off something the next. They are smart enough to learn and adapt, yet their smarts are leveled out by the many compilations of cat falls and fails.

4. A gravity blanket dupe.


The weight of a cat sitting or sleeping on you is more comforting than you might imagine. Who needs a gravity blanket, when a cat can just sit on you. It's basically the same concept in that you feel weighted down in the best way, and that you kind of can't get up (for fear of angering or annoying the fluffy ball).

5. A pet with personality.


A running theme and stereotype about cats are that they are somewhat evil, stubborn, and generally, hate everyone (most of the time). And while these things may ring true a portion of the time, even these things set cats apart as complex. They have distinct personalities and loyalties. For example, my cat is super friendly and loves to be held/loved on. My sister's cat prefers only to be touched by my sister, and legit hates the world (and especially me for some reason).

Cats have some key characteristics and care that set them apart from other pets, but there will always be more pros than cons for me. The times when my cat chirps at me or wakes up purring after napping beside me makes my day.

It really is the simple behaviors and facts of cats that make them so great and comforting. Call me "Crazy Cat Lady" or "Cat Mom," it doesn't matter, because these 5 perks (and an endless amount more) assure me that life is better with my cat (usually asleep) by my side.

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