To The People Who Hide All Their Emotions

Everyone has emotions. While some have more than others, everyone has the basic feelings that make us human. You can be happy, sad, excited, hurt and everything in between. And it is okay to feel all of these emotions because it is perfectly normal to have an emotional reaction to a certain situation, as everyone deals with emotions differently.

You have the people who wear their hearts on their sleeves and are unafraid of showing each emotion. Then you have some people who show emotions in certain settings. And finally, you have the people who hold all their emotions in and bottle everything up. This article is for the last category of people, those that would rather keep things in than openly share what they are experiencing. To reveal their inner emotions can, at times, be portrayed as a weakness, but I'm here to tell you that it's nothing to be ashamed of.

To the people who keep it in, I understand that sometimes the best way to deal with all of your feelings is to block them out, run away from them and hope they never show up again. With that being said, you are the type of person that always has a smile on your face because that is your mask to protect you from getting too personal. You never like it when people can tell if you are having a bad day, or if you have cried yourself to sleep the night before. Showing your anger or that you have had your feelings hurt is something you completely avoid all together, although you shouldn't be embarrassed about it.

With feelings come the roller coaster ride of emotions, especially love. Liking someone or falling in love with someone is terrifying. At first everything is very casual and low key, but as you start to catch feelings you begin to panic. You start to think of all the ways you can get out of the situation that is making you uncomfortable.

When you begin to feel like everything is becoming a bit too much, you shut down and go into your own little world. You do not know how to handle the stress and it is just the tip of the ice burg for you, causing you to have a full mental break down. But it's okay.

I understand completely, because emotions are scary and sometimes you never understand them at all. But it is okay to share them once in a while and it is okay to tell everyone how you feel. Avoid the break down phase, because once you break down, it is hard to come back.

You may not know that I hide all of my emotions, too. But I came to realize that it might not be the healthiest thing for a person to do. So don't run from how you are feeling, instead embrace it. You never know where feeling some type of way can lead you.

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