The Oscars never really stood out to me. It didn't matter who was nominated, who people THOUGHT deserved an award versus who actually won it, the celebrities that decided to draw attention to whatever project they were involved in during their acceptance speech; it didn't matter. Nothing actually stood out to me because, at the end of the day, I wouldn't care about who won it, or I would completely disagree with the Academy.

The only thing that ever drew my attention were photos on the red carpet. I loved looking at all the things people decided to wear, whether they radiated elegance or simply wore something that exuded stupidity and embarrassment. Half the time, I catch myself saying "Oh honey..." The kicker is, these people are actually being paid to show off products of designers. It makes you think how many designers weren't sober while they were drawing everything out.

The ONLY time I had EVER watched the Oscars was when Leonardo DiCaprio was nominated. Granted, he had been nominated countless times and had been screwed over every. single. time. Honestly, he should've won an Oscar for Who's Eating Gilbert Grape. He was so young and he did a phenomenal job. Every single time I found out Leo lost, I got so infuriated.

That year, Leo was nominated for The Revenant. The movie where his character Hugh Glass faced a bear attack and actually managed to survive. The movie where one of the men in his hunting team kills his son and is filled with rage. The movie where he treks through freakishly cold conditions to hunt down the betraying piece of shit, driven to avenge his son. And spoiler: once he is avenged and the piece of shit is finally dead, Hugh Glass passes on, joining his son in the afterlife. All whilst speaking English AND a secondary language that the cast had to learn (and speaking it fluently, I may add).

I saw this movie and it was riveting. I saw the nomination and I was terrified. Leo had been screwed over countless times before and it was going to be heart-wrenching if the Academy screwed him over again.

BUT we all know how it ended. Leo won. I cried because he finally pulled it off. And instead of the "FUCKING FINALLY" speech that I was genuinely expecting, Leo drew attention to his work outside of Hollywood that concentrated on wildlife and oceans. Even in his greatest moment of "HELL YEAH," he remained calm and collected even though we all know what he wanted to say.

The only downside is that now, I can't say I have as many Oscars as Leo does.

THAT is the only time I have watched the Oscars and probably the only time I ever will. The feeling of pure happiness was just so amazing that I don't want another to ruin that fulfilling experience. I don't want to watch another and it ends up being a genuine waste of my time. It's honestly like watching The Bachelor. 🤷 It's a waste and you're ultimately going to disagree with who is chosen (probably because you have favoritism set or just have bad taste).