To The Little Brother Who Is Bigger Than Me In Heart And Inches
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To The Little Brother Who Is Bigger Than Me In Heart And Inches

You may be growing bigger and bigger in inches, you will also be small even to fit inside my heart.

To The Little Brother Who Is Bigger Than Me In Heart And Inches

I remember when mom told me that she was pregnant with you. I got down on my knees and cried. I prayed for a little brother or sister for some time and my wish was finally coming true.

When you were born you had brown hair and emerald green eyes that captured my 8-year-old heart when I held you in that blue blanket on your delivery day. You were born in the year Katrina devasted so many lives and even though all of the world's eyes were on the tragedy, my eyes were locked on yours.

You turned two and man was your year of being two one that truly was terrible. I realize know that "terrible twos" really did describe all that you were as your chubby little arms and legs hit our house floor every day. You were so curious, you wanted to look and touch EVERYTHING. You were pulling stuff the aisle in Walmart and everything your eyes locked in on was food even it wasn't.

Then you turned 8 and man, oh man, you were a brat. You asked for everything you could ever want. You always had to be right. You just never listened.

You turned 10 and I was at a junior college. I started to warm up to you. You were slowly getting out of being a brat and I guess I liked you little. We started doing stuff together a little more. You started growing faster than my eyes could register. You started to seem not so much little anymore.

You are about to turn 13 and I have moved to a larger university.

You are about to enter 8th grade.

We have gotten closer.

Your voice is starting to get deeper.

You are about to be at the time of your life where peer pressure is most abundant.

You are about to break some girls hearts.

Your legs are getting taller and taller, you are about to be taller than me.

And soon you will enter high school. You'll get asked a thousand questions about a future you've just barely started to imagine.

Maybe you'll even find friends that are genuine, friends that will last a lifetime.

You are about to make memories that will stick with you forever, no matter how hard you try to forget them.

Dear little brother, I love you.

I know we fight here and there and push each other button's but what else are siblings for?

You have grown up so much faster than I thought I wanted you to. You have become strong-willed, and have so many amazing skills under your belt. You are so compassionate and kind and loving.

Being your sister is truly the greatest gift I have ever received. I hope we grow closer and closer in all of our years to come. You may be growing bigger and bigger in inches, you will also be small enough to fit inside my heart.

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