An Open Letter To The One My Brother Loves

An Open Letter To The One My Brother Loves

I love you more than he does, but don't tell him!

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I have known you for about three years now, as you are one of my cheerleaders! During these three years we have grown closer and closer together. You and my brother just recently started dating eight months ago, and I was so excited about it!

Since you and my brother started dating I have seen him change into a completely different person.He is much happier and is more involved in things now. Since you guys have been together I am glad to have you apart of the family, since you have been apart of the family, we have brought you on vacation with us and I have to say that was a blast, we made a lot of memories that weekend.

Whenever you come over I don't really think of you as just my brothers girlfriend, from the start I've seen you become more and more of like a little sister to me! You are a very smart and outgoing girl and that is just one of the many thing i love about you!

You truly make my brother happy and that makes me happy! I have never seen my brother so happy EVER! So whatever it is you are doing...keep it up!

I just want you to know, you can talk to me about anything, i am always here to listen! No matter what the situation might be, i am always right here if you need me.

You are different from his past girlfriends, you actually treat him right and aren't afraid to sit down with us and have meals and actually do stuff with us! You are a different kind of girl, you aren't scared to tell him when he's being a jerk and tell him to get it together! That's something none of his past girlfriends would ever do, and i think that's why we like you so much!

Just know i love you...but if you hurt my brother at all, i will not be happy! Him and i might not always get along, but if he gets hurt i will be right there to protect him, and he would do the same for me! So with that being said DON'T hurt him, because you are a sweet girl and i would hate to have to get mad at you!

8 months ago, i wasn't sure how this was going to go, but here we are 8 months later, and you guys are going stronger than ever! I am always here if you guys ever need help getting through anything! I love you!

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