Cornell can be a confusing place, and we don't make it easier by abbreviating everything and not calling things by their actual name. This can be especially confusing for first year students. Hopefully by using this nifty guide you can walk onto campus with confidence (and not mix up the Olin's and Uris').

1. A&S: Arts and Sciences, college

2. AnSci: Animal Science, major

3. Archies: Students of the school of Architecture

4. BRBs: Big Red Bucks, Cornell’s digital currency

5. CALS: College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

6. CS: Computer Science, major

7. CTB: Collegetown Bagels, best cafe in Ithaca

8. CTP: Collegetown Pizza, best place for drunk pizza

9. CU: Cornell University

10. EA: Early Acceptance

11. Eco: Ecology House, program house

12. ED: Early Decision

13. FWS: Freshman Writing Seminar, class

14. HBHS: Human Biology, Health and Society, major

15. Hotelies: Students of the School of Hotel Administration

16. HumEc: Human Ecology, college

17. IC: Ithaca College

18. IFC: Interfraternity Council, Greek life organization

19. ILR: Industrial Labor Relations, college

20. JAM: Just About Music, program house

21. LGR: Let’s Go Red!

22. Libe: Cafe in Olin library

23. LLC: Latino Living Center, program house

24. Nasties: Bear Necessities, located in RPCC

25. O-Week: Orientation Week for Freshmen

26. Oaks: Oakenshields, dining hall in Willard Straight Hall

27. Olin Hall: Building for Engineering students

28. Olin Library: Library open to all students, contains Libe cafe

29. PAM: Policy Analysis and Management, major

30. Panhel: Panhellenic, organization for sororities

31. PMA: Performing and Media Arts

32. POST: Pre-Orientation Service Trips, program for incoming students

33. Prelims: What Cornell calls tests (Why???)

34. PSB: Physical Sciences Building

35. PSP: Prefreshman Summer Program

36. RPCC: Robert Purcell Community Center, central hub of North Campus containing a dining hall, store, and many other services

37. RNSP: Residential and New Student Programs, people who run residential life

38. Stacks: A place in libraries where it’s only shelves of books where students go to complete #1 of 161 Things to do at Cornell

39. Townies: Residents of the town of Ithaca

40. Trill: Short for Trillium, the best cafe on campus

41. Uris Hall: Ugliest academic building on campus

42. Uris Library: Library opposite Olin library, open 24/7

43. WSH: Willard Straight Hall, the other student center, located on Ho Plaza

Hope this helps! LGR!