There is no debate that The Office is one of the greatest shows of all times.

The part that makes it so great is how relatable it is, especially as a college student. Here are some times that The Office accurately portrayed what you were feeling as a college student.

1. When you have no idea what is going on in lecture.

2. A paper due, two tests, and a quiz all in one week.

3. "The final is cumulative"

4. You and your roommate both successfully completed homework without a three hour Netflix "break"

5. The kid sitting next to you in class has 84 questions that are all answered in the text.

6. Your friends have too much going on to hang out with you.

7. When it's finally Friday.

8. Me during my 8 a.m. after staying up late to study/do homework.

9. After you pass an exam you thought you might fail.

10. Showing up to my next class in a good mood for the first time since my 8 a.m. was canceled.

11. When the professor gives you an extension on a paper or project.

12. "The lab today is going to take the whole period."

13. When you realize you have $0.74 in your bank account.

14. You finish an assignment before the day it's due.

15. When you workout for the first time this semester.

16. Walking into an exam you didn't study for.

17. When it hits you how homesick you are.