17 Times Dunder Mifflin Scranton Branch Depicted College With Painful Accuracy

17 Times Dunder Mifflin Scranton Branch Depicted College With Painful Accuracy

"I am running away from my responsibilities. And it feels good."

There is no debate that The Office is one of the greatest shows of all times.

The part that makes it so great is how relatable it is, especially as a college student. Here are some times that The Office accurately portrayed what you were feeling as a college student.

1. When you have no idea what is going on in lecture.

2. A paper due, two tests, and a quiz all in one week.

3. "The final is cumulative"

4. You and your roommate both successfully completed homework without a three hour Netflix "break"

5. The kid sitting next to you in class has 84 questions that are all answered in the text.

6. Your friends have too much going on to hang out with you.

7. When it's finally Friday.

8. Me during my 8 a.m. after staying up late to study/do homework.

9. After you pass an exam you thought you might fail.

10. Showing up to my next class in a good mood for the first time since my 8 a.m. was canceled.

11. When the professor gives you an extension on a paper or project.

12. "The lab today is going to take the whole period."

13. When you realize you have $0.74 in your bank account.

14. You finish an assignment before the day it's due.

15. When you workout for the first time this semester.

16. Walking into an exam you didn't study for.

17. When it hits you how homesick you are.

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My Current Music Obsession

The catchiest albums that has me in their grasp

Whenever our favorite artist releases a new album, we tend to be excited and wait for some singles to listen and see if it's good or different. If we enjoy it then chances are, we constantly replay that one song on repeat. We continue this until the album drops and eventually, we also repeat the album. I am no stranger to this and these are the albums that I still put on repeat.

1) Marmozets- Knowing What You Know Now (2018)

Marmozets are a math rock band that I've been following ever since I've heard their 2014 debut album "The Weird and Wonderful Marmozets" back in 2016, I was immediately was blown away and became an instant fan. So, they recently released their second album titled "Knowing What You Know Now" earlier this year in January. This album when compared to their previous album, is different as their first album was more raw and heavy. Despite this, the second album is amazing as I loved every song with "Insomnia", "Major System Error" and "Lost In Translation" being my favorites from the album. The album is polished, catchy and still has that Marmozets style that, makes them unique and different. If you ever want to see them live, then I suggest you should as they have a great stage presence, especially Becca, who is the lead singer, she shows a tremendous amount of energy and excitement that can get you to be energetic.

2) Myrkur- Mareridt (2017)

I admire Myrkur, she is an amazing artist that does what she loves, despite the constant undeserved hate she gets from ignorant fans. Myrkur is a one-woman Black Metal project formed by Amalie Brunn. She released her debut album "M" in 2015 which I loved and got me to be a fan of her. Her recent album released last year in 2017. I was interested and excited about it when she dropped her single "Måneblôt" I was excited and I wasn't disappointed when I heard the album. What makes Myrkur unique is her ability and style to incorporate folk songs, and to make it dark and add an atmospheric tone to it. She is a unique artist within the black metal genre.

3) Secrets- Secrets (2018)

Secrets are a Post-hardcore band from San Diego, formed in 2010 and released their debut album "The Ascent" in 2012. Secrets are their fourth studio album and when I listened to it, it was a step up and significantly better than their third album "Everything That Got Us here" which wasn't my favorite album from them but, everyone has their opinions. I enjoyed this album so far, and it's really a good solid album that fans of post-hardcore would love. I especially enjoyed their cover of "The Shape of You" which they released as a single for this album.

Listening to some of the coolest and newest songs can get us hooked if we enjoy it. One of those side effects is constantly listening to an album or song on repeat because why not? It shows how much we enjoy it, and how much we support it and the artist.

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14 Facts About Disney Movies That Will Blow Your Mind

These facts will leaving you wanting more.

Disney makes some pretty amazing movies. During college, my love for Disney has definitely grew. Here's 25 Disney movie facts that will shake your world.

1. The lion roars in The Lion King were made by a guy named Frank growling into a trash can.

2. Prince Charming from Cinderella in never actually given a name. In fact, he's never even referred to as Prince Charming during the movie.

3. Peter Sohn, an animator for Pixar, was the inspiration for Russell from Up.

4. Tony Hawk's skateboarding skills helped influence Tarzan's moves as he slides across the tree trunks.

5. For reference in Ratatouille, 270 pieces of food were created.

6. The song "Circle of Life" translates to "There comes a lion, oh yes, it's a lion."

7. While in real life it would take 25 million balloons to lift a house, there were only 10,286 balloons attached to the house in Up.

8.The voices of Mickey and Minnie mouse were married in real life.

9. Princess Aurora only has 18 lines of dialogue during Sleeping Beauty, her own movie.

10. Tangled cost more money to make than James Cameron's Avatar.

11. Lea Salonga preformed both of the singing voice's for Mulan and Jasmine.

12.The Beast has the mane of a lion, the head of a buffalo, the brow of a gorilla, the tusks of a wild boar, the body of a bear, the legs and tail of a wolf, and the eyes of a human.

13. The Lion King and the Japanese anime Kimba the White Lion, share many features, including an evil uncle, hyena sidekicks, communicating with parents through the night skies, and lion royalty.

14. Producer Don Hahn believes many characters in the Disney franchise are motherless due to Walt Disney using his work to relieve guilt and grief for buying his mother a house that had a furnace leak and ultimately killed his mother.

Cover Image Credit: Pexels

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