To The Number One Man In My Life, My Father
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To The Number One Man In My Life, My Father

I truly can't say "thank you" enough, dad—you are wonderfully made and I'm so grateful to have you in my life.

To The Number One Man In My Life, My Father

When referring back to all of the relationships I have in my life, one in particular always seems to stand out the most. The relationship that I have with my father.

My dad and I have been close since I was born. We created an inseparable bond from the beginning and have continued to remain tight-knit as we have both grown in age. He has always been someone to rely on and help me in any troubled time.

My dad was also the first person to introduce me to sports. With the help of my mother of course, I learned to throw with my right hand while my glove was on my left — which was my mighty righty dad's idea. My mom, on the other hand, taught me how to bat left-handed. I've always held memories like these close to my heart.

Nonetheless, whenever I'm offered the chance to discuss athletics with my dad, I jump at the opportunity. I absolutely adore his insight and knowledge on all things Iowa State Athletics and Chicago Cubs.

I have also admired his understanding of the agricultural industry. He takes pride in all that he does on our family farm which is a trait I desire to obtain. Growing up on our farming operation, I was always unsure on the crop logistics that my dad knew so much about. Whenever he would discuss yields, soil types, soybean varieties and corn hybrids, my mind would often run elsewhere.

However, as I've come to Iowa State (his alma mater) I have begun to realize the importance of all of my father's agronomic and animal science knowledge. I am proud to say that adding on an agronomy minor has helped me understand a little bit more about what he was talking about all those years. I've come to appreciate the knowledge he shared with me as well.

Thank you, Dad.

My dad has also shown me that hard work is an essential practice to succeed. He is so involved in our rural community and has given me the opportunity to do the same throughout my high school and collegiate career. He's also the first person who introduced me to networking with others (a practice that all professionals utilize). My dad and mom know so many people no matter where we go, which I know stemmed from their networking and caring for others.

I know that there are not enough "thank you's" in the world to give to my dad for all that he has done for me and our family. He has been the number one guy in my life for a reason and I know that when the time comes for me to build a marital relationship, he will provide me with the greatest insight.

I always desire to make him and the rest of my family proud with every endeavor I take on. So thank you, Dad. You are wonderfully made and I'm so grateful to have you in my life.

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