Why The Movie Theater Experience Is So Important

Going to the movie theater is one of the most tried and true American pastimes. From drive-in theaters to the more modern ones that we are all accustomed to, the movie theater experience is truly one of a kind. However, in a time where technology has afforded us the luxury of various home video streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Video, many people believe that the writing is on the wall for movie theaters. While I do not personally believe that theaters are going away anytime soon, I feel that it is important to highlight the unique viewing experience that going to a nice movie theater offers.

Watching just about any movie on the big screen is an experience unlike any other. While I love staying at home, getting comfortable and laying on the couch with a good movie just as much as the next person, I can’t deny the many benefits of going to the movie theater. The low lighting, big screen, surround sound and theater acoustics all greatly enhance the majority of movies. Horror movies in particular greatly benefit from being watched in theaters. A good horror movie combined with the theater setting can create a massive amount of tension in the room, and there is nothing better that seeing a packed theater react to a jump scare. In addition to horror movies, action and superhero movies also are much better when viewed on the big screen. Seeing epic car-stunt sequences from "Fast and Furious" and watching Batman and Superman go head to head is quite the spectacle when viewed in theaters in a crowd of people that love these things as much as you do. While home television technology is getting better and better every year, (especially if you’re lucky enough to have a 4K tv), nothing compares to going to the movie theater.

The movie theater is an amazing experience not just from the heightened experience of the movie itself, but also the event of going to the movies. Nothing beats gathering up your friends and family and going to see a super cool flick. Not to mention the awesome snacks and drinks, though these can be pretty expensive (which is why you bring your own and hide them in someone’s purse). Afterwards you can go out for a bite to eat and discuss what everybody thought of the movie. Instead of just watching your movie at home and then going to bed, you can make a whole night out based around going to see the movie. It’s a win-win. You still get to see your movie, and you have a really fun night out on the town!

I love the whole experience of going to the movie theater. Deciding what movie to see, what snacks you want, trying to get there early enough to get good seats, I think it’s amazing. We are fortunate enough to live in a time that benefits people that love to go out, and those that love to stay at home. Netflix and Hulu will always be there for those that prefer to snuggle up on the couch in their pajamas and binge watch their favorite series. The movie theater will always be there for people that want a high quality viewing experience (and again, cool snacks and popcorn). So grab your best friends, and go see a really cool movie at your local theater, just try not to spill your popcorn everywhere when you get too excited. Going home covered in butter and kernels is never fun.

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