The Most Widely Consumed Psychoactive (Yet Legal) Drug: Caffeine

We all enjoy starting our mornings with a giant cup (or two) of coffee to get us through our active and demanding days. The popular reason for drinking coffee is to intake caffeine, which is a compound stimulant that affects the central nervous system and is frequently found in coffee beans, chocolate, cocoa, and tea drinks.

However, caffeine is considered a stimulant drug, as it can also be found in both prescription and non-prescription drugs, including pain relievers and over the counter medications. Though we often assume all drugs to be detrimental to our body and our health, coffee and caffeine have major benefits when consumed in moderation.

Author Honor Whiteman’s article on Medical News Today explained that in 2014, it has been reported that drinking about three cups of coffee a day can reduce the risk of liver cancer by about 50%. After a long night of drinking, it is purely natural to want to consume more coffee the next morning to cure your hangover. Although the damage that alcohol can do to one’s liver cannot be canceled out by caffeine, drinking an extra cup of coffee on a Sunday morning can benefit the health of the liver.

It has been said that drinking a lot of coffee can help prevent type two diabetes, versus those who drink little to no coffee. The reasoning behind this theory is that drinking coffee lowers levels of blood sugar, according to a study done at Harvard Medical School.

Another study done at Harvard has established that drinking around three to four cups of coffee a day can lower suicidal thoughts by 50% in both men and women. The reasoning behind this theory is that coffee works as an antidepressant that supports the creation of neurotransmitters in the brain.

We all know that caffeine gives you energy daily, but this idea can be linked to coffee making someone a better athlete.

Caffeine can increase fatty acids that are stored in the bloodstream for muscles to absorb and burn fat in order to create fuel for the body. Coffee helps your brain think and work in a more competent manner if consumed in moderation.

Make sure to drink the right amount of coffee in the morning- there are health benefits to your daily caffeine intake!

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