Colbie Caillat: The Most Underrated Artist Today
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Colbie Caillat: The Most Underrated Artist Today

It's time to realize she is the real deal.

Colbie Caillat: The Most Underrated Artist Today

When most people think of today's greatest singers, songwriters, and musicians they think of what they hear on the radio. They think about the songs that are played over and over on every radio station that they flip back and forth through. Those artist are obviously talented and are good at what they do, but they lack the originality and authenticity of a truly great artist.

There is one artist that has every quality and skill that a truly great artist needs. She works hard and also has raw talent that many people are missing today, yet many people pass her by. I have been a fan of her since the first time I heard her song “Bubbly” back in 2007, and chances are you now know who I am talking about.

It's Colbie Caillat!

I believe her to be far too underrated. She is one of the greatest artists today, and heres a fews reasons why.

Her Lyrics

Colbie Caillat is an incredibly songwriter. She not only writes or co-writes all of her own music but has also helped write songs for artists like Taylor Swift and Jason Mraz. Her lyrics are authentic and real (which might have something to do with collaborating with her fiancé, Justin Young). Colbie opens herself up and draws inspiration from her own experiences with every song and really lets us into who she is. There is also no limit to what she writes about. Colbie writes about everything from living life and standing out to real love and learning to love yourself; which brings us to my next point.

The Message She Sends

Colbie was tired of being photoshopped and having her appearance altered to fit into the words standard of beauty, so she took a stand. Her music video for her song “Try” shows women that everyone is beautiful, especially when your natural, barefaced and loving the body you have. Colbie herself follows this on a daily basis and is often found makeup free and still incredibly beautiful in photos she posts on her instagram.

Her Style

When looking at her instagram, you'll notice she also has an incredible style. Unlike other celebs, Colbie is very laid back and real. Her style isn't some unattainable, bank breaking look we can never achieve. She dresses to be comfortable and sticks with clothes that stay true to who she is and that make her happy (She definitely loves and rocks her hats). Even when she dresses for the red carpet, its still her all the way and shows her personality off. She dresses for herself, and herself only.

Her Beliefs

Colbie uses her fame and following to stand up for her beliefs. Along with her belief that everyone is beautiful just as they are, she also advocates for animals. If I counted correctly, Colbie has 3 dogs herself, but her house seems to always be filled with even more. She has also did a video for the Humane Society to bring awareness to animal cruelty and rescue dogs, along with showing support for every kind of animal. Colbie isn't wrapped up in her fame and doesn't use it to her advantage, she uses the following she has to do good and to bring awareness to areas she feels strongly about; who doesn't love that!

Her Sound

Colbie Caillat's music has many influences and sounds, but there's a feel that runs through every song. The title of her first single “Bubbly” is the perfect description of her sounds. Colbies music is truly light and bubbly. She has a beachy, summery, and fun vibe that comes from growing up in California. She even came out with a beach inspired Christmas album, “Christmas in the Sand”. Her sound brings a feel good atmosphere making it hard not to dance when playing her songs, including her newest single, Goldmine, which I have had on repeat since it came out.

Her Voice

Lastly, her voice. If you think she sounds good on her albums, you should hear her live. Last week Colbie gave a free concert, along with Ben Rector, at MB Financial Park in Rosemont. It was packed and with only standing room left I was forced to the back. Even from the very back you couldn't help but be impressed by her voice. She has raw talent that doesn't need to rely on a band, lights, backup dancers or editing. It was just her, her fiancé and his guitar; Her voice was the center of attention and it really shined.

Colbie Caillat, to me, has everything a good artist needs. She has the look, the voice, the sound, the drive and the passion. Along with her music, her personality stands out above the rest. She doesn't pretend to be anyone else and doesn't hide who she is. She’s authentic and classy. She doesn't flaunt herself or put others down like other celebrities keep doing. She is the real deal, and its time we recognized that more.

For details on her upcoming tour:

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