Is The Moon Hollow?

The moon is something that has been there and we've seen it our whole lives. There have been some bizarre theories about the moon for over centuries, but given our level of advancement today and everything on the internet there may not be anything more bizarre than what you are about to read.

The Moon is widely thought to have come about as a result of an ancient collision between the Earth and another planet. In size comparison it is a large satellite. About eleven humans have landed and walked on the moon, but nobody has set foot on it in over 40 years.

There are several people who are believers of the Moon being a hollow sphere, and what goes on inside it is way more interesting that what happens on the surface. Others believe the Moon is artificial, and could be a spaceship parked in orbit from over thousands of years ago.

Hollow Earth Theory says that the Earth has a hollow core, and there are opening at each pole. So where’s the proof? Well, Admiral Richard E. Byrd, the famed explorer, allegedly flew into the North Pole opening to the inner Earth back in 1947. There he encountered a race of intelligent beings living in gleaming cities who told him to go back to the surface and warn the human race that we’d better smarten up or we’d destroy the planet. The Admiral wrote it all down in his now-famous diary.

No doubt the Hollow Moon idea has existed for centuries and centuries, but one compelling piece of evidence often cited is the experiments done by the Apollo missions back in the late ‘60s.

After placing seismic sensors on the Moon, a spent liftoff stage of the lunar module was sent crashing down to the Moon’s surface, causing massive reverberations like the ringing of a bell. Each time the experiment was repeated on subsequent missions, using a spent rocket stage, the Moon would “ring” or reverberate, sometimes for several hours.

The Moon remains, a mysterious glowing orb in the night sky. No doubt there are many mysteries that still need to be uncovered. Will we discover it is hollow after all? Believers in Hollow Moon Theory await the scientific evidence.

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