A College Student's July, As Told By Spongebob Gifs
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A College Student's July, As Told By Spongebob Gifs

Our childhood hero keepin' it real.

A College Student's July, As Told By Spongebob Gifs

July... Potentially one of the best months of summer. It's smack dab in the middle so your summer festivities could be at an all time high OR I could be completely wrong and you did all things fun in the months and May and June so now you're just chillin' in July. Either way, Spongebob has a few things to say about July.

1. That Excruciating Heat

Do I need to explain further? As a Texas resident, I can honestly say the heat makes me feel like I'm either dead or very close to it. With the possibilities of the temperature reaching the triple digits, the only reason I'd ever step outside was to hit the pool. Other than that, catch me inside my air conditioned house watching Netflix. #NoShame

2. Freaking out because school is getting closer

College? No sleeping in? Are the realities that Summer is getting close to being over sinking in yet? People are either mad glad to go back and be free at college or mad sad because you have to assume all adultish responsibilities again. RIP. I am the latter type of person.

3. But actually being pretty bored at home

Your friends are all either working or on vacation but you just chillin'. Have you ever wondered how many different ways you can sit in a chair to watch T.V.? You can probably find the answer if you're not at home with 0 moves because of the high percentage chances of your friends working or vacationing.

4. Attempting to glow up before you go back to college

You need to be somewhat impressive when you go back, right? Those last minutes hair cuts and squats will make a difference, right? No one wants to go back lookin' all the same. Dress to impress and all that jazz. Anywho, we all try to make those small changes to our appearance in hopes of someone noticing how good you look now (or been looking good).

5. Seeing incoming freshmen be excited about college

Boi. You got a storm comin' for ya. Student debt, textbooks costing an arm and a leg, staying up til 6 a.m. studying when you have a 9 a.m. exam. Ah, the freshman are going to have so much fun! I mean, there are definitely those fun aspects of college like ~freedom~ and etc. but you have to start being independent and an adult now, and that kinda sucks.

6. Being too broke to do anything

That feel when you want to go do something fun and go adventuring but you have about $11 to your name. Why is life so expensive? Or when you even just wanna grab a bite to eat with your friends but you still broke so you end up just chillin' at the table. Relevance.

7. But You're enjoying every last moment of your summer

You are cherishing those last moments with your friends and family before you return to the ~stress~ that is college. Hang out with your hometown loved ones while you can; once college starts everyone will be too busy to even breathe. Get those movie marathons and late night food runs in while you can. It is only a matter of time before you return to cafeteria food and shared bathrooms!

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