The Mind Of A Waitress

The Mind Of A Waitress

We are people too.

As I'm driving to my part-time job on a warm sunny day, there's two things that are running through my mind. First, why do I have to be indoors working on this nice day and secondly, I hope to leave this place with $50 or more. I park my car in the parking lot of the restaurant, and I walk slowly to my destination getting the last bit of freedom before I become people's peasant.

Don't get me wrong, I love my job but sometimes (actually almost every time) people do not understand that I am a person too. I go to college. I am involved in organizations on and off campus. I have a life outside of serving. Guests come in and treat me like I am their maid. My job is to create a comfortable atmosphere that leaves the guest with fun and pleasing experiences that have them coming back to eat with us again. When guest have stuck up or negative attitudes towards me, it makes my job a living nightmare.

"My food is wrong."

"I wanted two lemons instead of one for my water."

"Where's the ketchup? We need more ketchup."

"I need more mayonnaise."

"We were here before them, why did they get their food first?"

These are common things you hear as a waitress. No please or thank you, just typical commands from people all day. The last quote was actually a question but the answer is normally because they were a smaller party then the other party or they ordered before them. But once again people normally just don’t understand my job.

Being a waitress is not meant for anybody. It is not as easy as some people may think or act. Waitresses spend almost their whole shift on their feet running all types of directions around the restaurant. If you cannot multitask, don’t even try this job. I am a rare breed, because I am actually not that good at multitasking but I am a kick a** waitress.

No, I do not get tips just because I’m pretty. That is such an annoying and arrogant thing people tell me. I do wish most of my guests understood that I don’t make any money unless I am tipped. If I am not tipped, I made nothing for that hour. If you cannot tip at least 15-20 percent, then you should not go out to eat. Simple as that. A waitress’ nightmare other then rude guest, is being tipped nothing on a table.

The moral to this article is to educate people on how hard being a waitress really can be. If you have a sour attitude or a bad day, don’t put that onto someone else that is only trying to make sure that you are treated right. Next time you go out, just remember your manner and most importantly remember that waitresses are people too.

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Starbucks To Close Down All Stores On May 29th For Racial Bias Training

A local Starbucks store in Philadelphia has caused many riots and protests, and as a result, Starbucks will close for one day.

Starbucks will be closing over 8,000 stores in the US for a day for racial bias training, which was announced on Tuesday. This all started from a local store in Philadelphia. Two black men were arrested after asking to use the restroom without making a purchase. This led to protests and boycotts worldwide, as well asthe announcement made by Starbucks.

Closing Starbucks may not seem like a huge deal for some, but for others, it is an outrage. Closing around 8,000 stores just to give 175,000 employees training on anti-racil bias will cause this chain to lose about $12 million in revenue. This proves that this problem is Starbucks' priority.

This event has multiple effects along with shutting down stores for a day. Many customers and investors are reevaluating their trust and confidence in using Starbucks. Many frequent customers may have to find another local coffee shop and hope this incident will never happen again.

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