The Millennial's Christmas List
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The Millennial's Christmas List

If Santa could bring us anything imaginable for Christmas, these are some things that we would wish for.

The Millennial's Christmas List
The Huffington Post

Santa can’t grant you any wish and give you anything that you’ll ever want in life, but what if he could? I know what I would wish for, as I am sure a lot of people in my generation would as well. With Christmas practically around the figurative corner, it’s time we put together our Christmas lists! Here are 5 things that millennial’s around the nation want for Christmas this year. This, of course, does not speak for everyone.

5. A Self-Esteem

While the self-loathing and self-deprecating jokes can
be really funny, when it gets down to it, it’s actually very depressing. “I
hate myself too! Hahahaha…. Haha… ha…” I think that what a lot of us need right
now is a better self-esteem so we can actually appreciate ourselves sometimes.

4. A good paying job

Jobs become harder and harder to come by. Good paying
jobs are even more difficult than that. Considering the minimum wage is not a livable
wage, a lot of us would desperately crave a job that we can use to support ourselves

3. Emotional Stability

A lot of it is hormones for some, but with how
difficult life can get, especially for young people, it’s a roller coaster of
emotions. It’s hard to keep things straight and everything in your mind just
becomes jumbled up and hard to control. So much is happening that some
emotional stability would help a lot of mental problems in the long run.

2. Representation

This generation is known by older generations as “rebels,”
“emotional,” “radical,” and many more names. People think we’re always angry
all the time, but that’s because we are a generation that has very much opened
our eyes to some deep shit that is just plain wrong with society. In layman’s
terms, we are woke as hell. We are breaking the norms set by previous
generations, which is not necessarily a bad thing! One thing this generation
wants for Christmas is to actually see proper representation in everything. We
want it in our games, our movies, our shows, our politicians, etc. We want to
see more POC represented, more members of the LGBT+ community represented, representation matters!

1. Acceptance

Everyone wants to feel accepted. They want to feel that they belong in society and that they aren’t outcasts. They want to feel like they actually matter. We especially want that in this generation. With so much hate going around towards everyone in existence, we need to remember that accepting our kids, our family, our friends and our peers is ridiculously important. For members of the LGBT+ community, we want to be accepted for who we are, regardless of how we identify ourselves, whether we are, in Thomas Sanders’ terms, a guy, gal, or non-binary pal. For POC, they want to feel like they are loved just as much as anyone else in society. They don’t want to feel that they are being targeted for everything. They don’t want to be scared just to walk out the damn door. What we want in this generation is to be accepted and to accept others for who they are.

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