The Little Things In Life Add Up
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The Little Things In Life Add Up—So Stop Taking Them For Granted And Cherish Them

Every moment no matter how fleeting, is a part of our lives.

The Little Things In Life Add Up—So Stop Taking Them For Granted And Cherish Them

Appreciating little things in life isn't just about remembering the good moments that happen every day, but rather focusing on the good over the bad. Many people, including myself sometimes, tend to let the frustrating moments ruin our entire day. Even if it's just for a moment, the bad things can take all of our attention and stop us from finding the good little things. It overwhelms our minds and we can't shake the thought that the world is going to come crumbling down around us. Most of the time this isn't true and our anxiety is forcing us to overthink the fleeting bad parts of the day. While it is easier said than done, focusing on the little good things that happen, can make even the worse of days better.

This life philosophy can help you appreciate yourself and others more than you ever thought you could. From finding joy in a smile from a passing stranger or just hanging out with your family at home, can shine some light on a rough day. I'm not saying it's a cure-all, but it's definitely worth a shot.

I remember that high school was a really stressful time for me. There was always so much drama, whether it be with boys or friends, or some school assignment. I was so consumed in everything that was going wrong that I never took the time to appreciate what was going right. I had a supportive family and other friends that were there for me even when life got tough. The problem is, is that when you are only focused on the bad, it's hard to have even the littlest gratitude for the good.

The bad can seep into every crack of our day and completely ruin it. The little things, the moments we can't catch up camera, that only live in our minds are what can help us expel the bad things that tend to corrupt us. So try and think of the small things that make you happy, whether it'd be the smell of a morning cup of coffee or the feeling of warm laundry after you take it out. Appreciate the time you have with people, like your family and friends, because every moment adds up to the relationship and experiences you will have with them.

Life goes by so fast, don't waste your time thinking about the bad. Instead enjoy every moment, every smile, every laugh. Even when it seems like your life can't get any worse, just stop and take a deep breath. Think of all the things that are going right, and let those help get you out of the darkness. The little things add up and they are what make life worthwhile.

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