8 Stages In The Life Of A Workaholic
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8 Stages In The Life Of A Workaholic

There is no such thing as free time when you're a self-diagnosed workaholic.

8 Stages In The Life Of A Workaholic
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Workaholic (noun) - a person who compulsively works hard and long hours.

It's a disease. It's a lifestyle. It's a choice.

As a seasoned workaholic, I know the toll it takes on your body. I know the thirst for something to consume your time, and the hunger you get watching your bank account rise. I know the pain you feel when your friends are out making memories and you're in making money, and the sense of accomplishment you feel when you realize you're doing something to better your future. Workaholics are all among us and we all have a small sense of workaholism somewhere inside us. You, too, may be a full-fledged workaholic if you experience these symptoms.

1. It started young.

I first experienced workaholic symptoms when I realized I could plan out my day (somewhat) the way I wanted. Basically, the day I realized I didn't technically have to take a nap was the day I began to become a workaholic. I knew my time could be better spent doing more productive things, i.e. making awesome lego houses or brushing all of my Barbies' hair. Naps were for the weak. Naps were for the non-workaholics.

2. It progressed exponentially.

During high school, I managed my time effectively by joining every single club I could squeeze into my schedule. I ran for president or chair member in anything I could. I attended every game possible. I volunteered for everything. I signed up for numerous AP classes. I didn't even have a job, yet I didn't really have time for relaxation. I was happy.

3. You got a job on your own.

My mom never badgered me about getting a job. I wasn't really interested in getting a job until I realized cars, clothes, food, and plans were getting costly. Babysitting just wasn't cutting it. You search and search, and luckily all of those National Honor Society volunteer hours and extracurricular clubs you had come in handy. Suddenly, a job sounded cool.

4. You asked for more hours and more responsibility.

Slowly but surely, that part-time job turned full-time without officially noting the change. And, best of all, you were okay with that. You liked the idea of making money and having a decent time while doing it. You asked for a raise, a promotion, a bonus, and more responsibility because you can handle it. You're a different breed of hard-working.

5. Your days off are more like shifts off.

It's exciting to see that you have nothing scheduled for 4:00 pm - 9:30 pm on Monday night. You look forward to that small amount of downtime. It's all you really need to take on the busy week ahead. Though, you're secretly really excited to start the chaos again after your break.

6. You get a second job...and a third.

You get an internship. You get a small leadership role in an organization. You spend any little free time you have surfing the web, not for clothing or funny videos, but for another job opportunity. Something that will make you better than who you are today. Something that will make you more marketable.

7. You wonder what else you would possibly be doing if it weren't for your job(s).

In the restaurant industry, working Friday or Saturday nights are when you make all of your money. If it weren't for those nights, you wouldn't be able to support your expensive, car-living lifestyle. You're always on the road. You're always bouncing around. You're never at home. Gas is expensive!

8. The most dominant kind of hungry is money hungry.

Though you're 90% in this for the money, you actually really love having no free time. Free time is proven to lead to mental breakdowns*. No time is free time, especially for a workaholic. And, the money growing in your bank account is pretty darn sexy. You feel a new kind of powerful being a working (wo)man.

Eventually, you turn into a full-time student, a full-time employee (times two), and a full-time friend. Additionally, you're happy with that.

*Note: Not really a fact.

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