If you're anything like me, you prefer books over people. Okay while that might sound a bit harsh, what I mean to say is you have better relationships with books than people. If you've been a bookworm your entire life, then you will be able to relate to the things on this list:

1. When you first got your library card.

2. When you wasted all of your money on books despite owning a library card.

3. Every time someone tried to talk to you while you were in the middle of an epic scene.

4. When you finished a book and weren't ready emotionally to start a new one.

5. You tried to read at any chance you got.

6. When people would ask you for a book recommendation and said "just pick something".

7. When your plans got canceled so you could stay in and read.

8. Your face whenever anyone told you that they didn't like your favorite book.

9. When you stayed up late because you had to find out what happened next.

10. When you saw the movie adaptation of your favorite book and it didn't suck as much as you thought it would.