The Kind Of Man You Should Look For

Sometimes it takes days, sometimes it takes months, sometimes it takes years, but you always end up finding the right person. The person that makes you feel happier and safer than ever before.

This man will walk on the outside of the sidewalk to make sure you're safe.

He'll open your car door, or any other door for that matter. Even when you say he doesn't have to.

He'll tell you that you're beautiful, even when you know you look like a trash bag. The best part? He believes it.

He'll tell you he loves you, even in an ordinary conversation.

He'll make time every day to just focus on you because you're an important part of his life.

He'll make you feel safe doing things out of your comfort zone.

He'll take the anxiety out of things that drive you crazy.

He'll love Jesus and his family- and show it. So much so that he doesn't hesitate to bring you into those parts of his life.

He'll love the little things you do, like rolling your eyes at his {not so} funny jokes.

He'll enjoy talking about your future together, knowing that it's not something that will scare him away.

He'll accept you in light & shadow, never trying to make you change.

You'll both know that your relationship is something you're more than confident in.

You'll always want to be with each other, no matter what. Even if it has just been a day or two apart. The love never fades.

You can be together for weeks at a time and still not get sick of each other.

Most importantly, he'll make you feel a love you've never felt before.. and that's how you'll know that he's the one.

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