The Killer Commute

I think everyone can agree that commuting can suck hard most days. Waking up early, and still almost being late due to nasty traffic. Filling up for gas far more often than during summer. Dealing with parking, plus lacking anywhere to nap between classes.

Whether you live 10 minutes from school, or over an hour away, willing yourself to leave your warm house on cold mornings is the worst.

In the past few months at my new school I've learned the struggle of commuting half an hour from my house everyday in order to get to class and decided to share some newfound knowledge.

Here are some things that I've learned from commuting:

1) Being a bag lady.

Whenever you have less than a backpack, purse, laptop case, and a gym bag, everyone thinks something is sincerely wrong. plus you become the go-to for Midol, extra pens, snacks, and good hiding places.

2) Coffee, Everywhere.

Driving + Coffee = Don't even try to wear white, or anything besides black, unless you plan on bringing multiple changes of clothing.

3) Doing Anything Possible To Speed Up The Drive

Looking at the "expected time to destination" and seeing "time to beat".

4) But Inevitably Crawling All The Way To Campus

Followed by running to class to still try and be on time.

5) Waking Up Before The Sun

Unless you forget to set your stupid alarm.

6) Carrying Everything You Own To Campus

Every jacket, extra pants, books, journals, phone charger, laptop, dog...

7) Parking Wars

Unless you want to arrive before 8 am, have fun walking 9 miles to class everyday.

8) FOMO For On Campus Events

Fraternity party? $50 Uber ride. Bar Hopping? Dream on. Football games? The extra half an hour drive on weekends sucks even harder.

Being close, and yet far from school can be incredibly difficult. Maybe next year will be the year for this homebody to find her own apartment.

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