Let's be honest, no matter how much you love or hate the Kardashians, Kris Jenner as made an empire. Kris Jenner made a name for herself and her family — it probably helped that her first husband, Robert Kardashian, was a famous lawyer — but Kris built an empire.

As they say, the devil works hard but Kris Jenner works harder.

I know we all have our problems with the Kardashians but each Kardashian and Jenner with the help of Kris has created a name and brand for themselves, and I stan. Kim Kardashian becoming a lawyer? I am a hardcore stan. Kourtney Kardashian starting POOSH? Amazing — a blog full of helpful tips is what I love. Kylie Jenner's makeup line? Love that. Is Khloe owning GOOD AMERICAN? Also amazing.

I believe they do a ton of charity work but we do not see it because I believe for one that the mastermind of Kris Jenner is setting the agenda of what she wants to be front and center in the media and also the media tends to focus on the drama. The drama is what gets all of us talking and the TV ratings up.

Kim Kardashian becoming a lawyer has been a long time coming. Kim is known, especially in the past few years, to help people out of jail who do not belong in jail and help former prisoners get back on their feet. In the past 90 days alone, Kim has helped free about 17 inmates. Kim's main focus seems to be on people who are jailed for nonviolent drug offenses.

I think it is awesome the reality TV star mogul is studying to become a lawyer. Let's not forget her own father, Robert Kardashian, was once a lawyer and was deemed as part of the dream team during OJ Simpson's trial.

But enough of Kim, let's go on to Kourtney Kardashian. Can we all just agree for someone who is 40 looks amazing, especially after having three kids who are all super adorable? We've seen Kourtney grow from her rocking relationship with Scott to a great co-parenting with him. But, let's discuss her brand, POOSH.

POOSH is basically Kourtney's online blog. She shares her experiences with life, exercise and gives advice on everything from health and wellness to co-parenting. She also shares routines such as skin care, morning, etc. I love that Kourtney started an online-blog type of thing — it's a great way to connect with her audience and share more things they want to know.

Let's not forget about Kylie and Kylie Cosmetics. Oh my lord, they are beautiful. I can't speak for all her makeup but the two lipsticks I have tried are amazing. I love that her lipsticks don't give your lips that dry feeling and last the entire day with maybe one or two touch ups. One of these days, I will try her eyeshadows. But I am pumped for her skincare line — can't wait till it drops.

And the prices, in all honesty, are not that bad for the product you get.

Then there is Kendall and Khloe. Kendall is always doing some type of modeling and I absolutely love it — Kendall is definitely my favorite. Khloe, who was blessed with her daughter True after years of struggling, does have her own makeup line through BECCA Cosmetics.

But the thing with Khloe is, I love that she is mostly focused on her brand GOOD AMERICAN, and baby True. Her brand is for women that come in all shapes and sizes- and we all know how hard it can be to find a good pair of jeans and workout clothes. And baby True is adorable — I just had to say it.

Kris Jenner, known as the momager, is a genius. And, she says the most iconic things. I love that woman.