The Joys Of Being A Cat Owner

The Joys Of Being A Cat Owner

Your cat is always there.

My cat made me who I am. I know this sounds crazy and extreme, but many dedicated, diehard cat owners can agree that owning a cat makes you who you are. Owning a cat is not the same as owning a dog. Owning a cat is probably one of the most important, impactful things you’ll do in your life. From age 1 to 90, being a cat owner matters. When you’re young, your cat is your favorite play date, when you’re older, your cat is your life partner; but it’s always there. As we grow up, our cat is our first love and our strongest love. Every person’s relationship with his or her cat is different and every cat has a different personality, but a relationship with a cat is one of the strongest, most intimate, unbreakable relationship you can have. Your cat sees you coming home and leaving, even if they’re asleep. Your cat knows how you’re feeling and it may seem like they don’t care, but they do. They understand you, and you understand them. You know when they’re happy; you know when they want to be left alone. The best part of my day is when I get to unwind in my bed with my lifelong friend. My cat sleeps with me every night and has committed to sleeping with me every night since the day I got her, my first cat slept with me every night too. My cats and me have grown together and we have a relationship different than any other human relationship. My cat is there to comfort me and cry with me. No matter if it’s a new cat or an old cat, your cat is always there. They have seen you at your worst and at your best. When I look back at the past, when I’m not home and feeling homesick, I remember how it feels to have a cat. You don’t realize how dependent you are on your cat until you are forced to live away from them or be without them. You miss their presence and their steady purrs. Everyone should experience owning a cat and parents should buy a cat for their young child. Your cat and your child will take care of each other. You may not have one of those internet-famous cats, but your cat is special. You and your cat have a bond that can never be broken. Your cat has been here, your cat is part of what makes you, you.

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5 Perks Of Having A Long-Distance Best Friend

The best kind of long-distance relationship.

Sometimes, people get annoyed when girls refer to multiple people as their "best friend," but they don't understand. We have different types of best friends. There's the going out together best friend, the see each other everyday best friend and the constant, low maintenance best friend.

While I'm lucky enough to have two out of the three at the same school as me, my "low maintenance" best friend goes to college six hours from Baton Rouge.

This type of friend is special because no matter how long you go without talking or seeing each other, you're always insanely close. Even though I miss her daily, having a long-distance best friend has its perks. Here are just a few of them...

1. Getting to see each other is a special event.

Sometimes when you see someone all the time, you take that person and their friendship for granted. When you don't get to see one of your favorite people very often, the times when you're together are truly appreciated.

2. You always have someone to give unbiased advice.

This person knows you best, but they probably don't know the people you're telling them about, so they can give you better advice than anyone else.

3. You always have someone to text and FaceTime.

While there may be hundreds of miles between you, they're also just a phone call away. You know they'll always be there for you even when they can't physically be there.

4. You can plan fun trips to visit each other.

When you can visit each other, you get to meet the people you've heard so much about and experience all the places they love. You get to have your own college experience and, sometimes, theirs, too.

5. You know they will always be a part of your life.

If you can survive going to school in different states, you've both proven that your friendship will last forever. You both care enough to make time for the other in the midst of exams, social events, and homework.

The long-distance best friend is a forever friend. While I wish I could see mine more, I wouldn't trade her for anything.

Cover Image Credit: Just For Laughs-Chicago

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The  Symbology Of Flowers: A Guide To The Perfect Spring Bouquet

Find the perfect flower color to radiate good energy in your home!


The best time of the year is the spring when flowers bloom and soft dew fills the mornings. Buying flowers for your house becomes increasingly tempting as beautiful bouquets pop up around farmers markets and grocery stores, so here is what each flower color means!

Red Flowers

Wikimedia Commons

Red flowers historically symbolize passion. They demand a room's attention and usually are representative of romance, however, red can also symbolize power, respect, and courage. If you are looking to create thing energy in your house, red roses are a great option (although sometimes pricey)!

Blue Flowers

Wikimedia Commons

Blue is a classic symbol of peace and prosperity. To create a serene and open feeling to your home, try buying a bouquet that has hydrangea or cornflowers in it!

White Flowers

Wikimedia Commons

White flowers symbolize humility, innocence, sympathy, and purity. They create a gentleness to any bouquet and can radically bring out the colors of other flowers. Some great white flowers to look for in a bouquet are lilies!

Pink Flowers

Wikimedia Commons

Pink symbolizes happiness and love, whereas red is passion. A mix of red and pink flowers can be the perfect gift to give to a romantic partner. However, they are also a symbol of grace and sweetness. There are a ton of great pink flowers, but some of the best for bouquets are lilies, roses, daisies, tulips, or snapdragons.

Lavender Flowers


Lavender flowers symbolize elegance, refinement, and youth. Lavender is a great option to have around the house because not only is the coloring bold and beautiful, but it has a great scent!

Orange Flowers

Wikimedia Commons

Orange flowers are bold and passionate. They can add life to any room and put a smile on anyone's face because they radiate excitement. Marigolds, poppies, and strawflowers look great in a vase and brighten the whole atmosphere of a room.

Flowers can definitely be pricey, especially around holidays. Another way to receive the benefits of the energy flowers exert is to plant a garden! This way you are able to have flowers year-round and can cut them to place around your home. Pick a vibe, pick a color, and get going on decorating!

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