The Importance Of Short-Term Goals

Recently I have realized the importance and significance of short term goals. Short term goals are as detrimental to success as long term goals are. I view them as little markers that I must hit in order to reach my long term goals. Setting short term goals helps one keep their focus and in doing so organizes their road to success.

Focus is what people lose first when trying to accomplish a goal, thus making short-term goals so important. In correlation to that, for optimal progress, it is good to set little incentives to go along with your short term goals. It is basically just rewarding yourself for accomplishing these little goals.

I, myself, set short term goals and incentivize them so that I get things done faster. For example, whenever I need to get a good grade on an essay I would tell myself that if I get an A, then I will reward myself with a nice evening out with my friends.

This method is not for everyone. Only those who have the drive to accomplish their goals and have the self discipline to put this into use will execute this method.

There's really not any bad that can come out of setting short term goals. It can help one in any field of life whether your goals are academically, financially, and/or physically.

I use to dramatically put this method into affect when I was backed up on a lot of homework so my incentive was that I would let myself eat if finished all my homework. So I would literally not eat until I got done what I had to. I know it is a bit extreme but trust me, it i extremely effective.

Furthermore, I can guarantee that the employment of short term goals are beneficial and only beneficial when striving to accomplish something.

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