I think it’s interesting that the meaning of pictures have almost totally lost their meaning and yet no one sees it. Yes, pictures are meant to capture a moment in a time or a place, but all of us now have cameras at our fingertips. We take pictures of everything. The sky, ourselves, shoes, other people, funny things we see. We are surrounded in a world full of pictures and though this is great, I also think it is sad at the same time. No one develops pictures anymore. They are all saved to our facebook, instagram, twitter, whatever. Years from now we won’t be able to look back in a shoebox full of old pictures to remember good memories. One of my favorite things to do is go through old pictures. Where the color is worn and there’s names and dates scribbled on the back. Where you had one roll of film and you couldn’t retake a picture ten times if you didn’t like it. It didn’t matter if your hair wasn't right or if you looked goofy, because the picture was a memory. We spend too much time now focusing on if we look good in a picture to post on social media. I can’t say anything, because I do post on social media, a lot. And I am constantly taking pictures on my phone. I’m not saying this is a problem, because it’s not, it’s awesome that we now have opportunities like this. But I really do think it’s sad that years from now we won’t have boxes filled with old pictures. PIctures that were taken in the moment. Pictures that are fading and ripped. Pictures that have been wrinkled and re-flattened ten times. Pictures where you have to go ask a grandparent who’s in the picture if there isn’t a name written on the back. Now, we just go to a picture and see who is tagged. There is nothing more meaningful than sitting down with someone and looking at old pictures. The way their eyes light up while telling a story that’s still clear as day even though the picture is fading fast. I think it’s sad that the digital age of photography has taken away from the meaning of photos. The meaning of living in the moment with the memories that you shared with loved ones. I think it’s sad that a lot of people will never understand how awesome photography is, especially when you’re looking at a memory ten years later with a picture in your hand. If there is something I wish everyone still did is get pictures developed. I suggest to everyone go out and buy a cheap film camera and just use it for awhile and then go get the pictures developed. Write the year, the names, and the memories on the back and I promise ten years from now you are going to thank yourself. We can’t let the memories of pictures go, because they will mean more than you would ever think.