The Importance of Freight Shipping Classes
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The Importance of Freight Shipping Classes

Freight Shipping Classes

The Importance of Freight Shipping Classes

What are the Freight Classes?

Freight class calculator is designed to help you obtain standardized flat rates for your shipment when working with different transport companies, warehouses, and brokers. Shipping classes are defined by the NMFTA and available through NMFC or the National Motor Freight Classification.

Shipping categories (there are 18 of them) depend on weight, length, length, density, ease of handling, value and liability of things like theft, damage, ability to crack and damage. For the most part, the lower the NMFC category number, the lower the shipping cost. Part of the FML mission is to help you know your NMFC shipping category and to ensure that the specialized code is correct. This ensures that you get the correct and consistent prices for your shipment. The following table describes the NMFC categories and aims for general guidance in choosing your shipping class, and there are a number of factors that affect the category in which your shipment ends.

The shipping category is an important measurement system that carriers use to set prices and formulate the cost of shipping your goods. Whether you want to search for an NMFC rating or calculate freight density, FreightCenter offers tools and experts to help you decide the shipment category for your shipment.

The shipping category showed

The freight category is a unified classification system for goods transported by freight transporting less than trucks (LTL). The rating system ensures that customers receive an unbiased price when shipping goods.

The shipment category for a shipment is assigned based on the specific item being transported or on the total density of the freight shipped.

Using the NMFC charging class for your shipment

NMFC is a rating system created and maintained by the Nation Motor Freight Traffic Association (NMFTA), a non-profit membership organization that includes car transporters.

Shipping NMFC Codes (or Class) are assigned by NMFTA based on certain qualifications. Almost every item you can think of - from airplane parts to zippers - is an NMFC code (or number) given by NMFTA.

Four transport characteristics determine the freight category:

Stability - Stow takes into account the ability to transfer your shipment with other goods. Flammable, perishable or dangerous shipments are organized and cannot be shipped with certain materials. When considering storage capacity, think about how to pack your shipment. The bound or stuffed items are usually stackable and easier to pack inside a freight container or truck.

Liability - Liability refers to the value of the good, the possibility of theft or damage, and the possibility that the item will damage other goods during shipping. Having more risk will lead to a higher shipping class.

Ease of handling - when classifying freight, the level of care required during shipping is taken into account. If the item is fragile, requires special attention, or has hazardous characteristics, it will be contained in a higher category and increase the shipping cost. Size, weight, and shape also contribute to the shipping category.

Density - density, or pounds per cubic foot, is the amount of space required to measure. Compact and high-density goods fall to a lower class and are cheaper to ship than bulky items. Use our Shipping Class Calculator to find out the shipping density.

The shipping class of items that you transport is a major factor in determining the cost of shipping goods. There are 18 shipping classes - ranging from 50 (the least expensive) to 500 (the most expensive). Items with high density (heavy and compact) and less susceptible to being given a lower charge class. The items with the lowest density and most vulnerable are given a higher charging class.

You can use our shipping category search tool to display the shipping category for other items that are usually shipped. Here are some examples.

Pallet - 50

Generator - 70

Baseball Balls - 85

Gong - 77.5

Radios - 125

Thermometers - 150

Bamboo Furniture - 250

Gumball machine - 300

Ping Pong Ball - 500

Find the correct freight category

We have covered the shipping category, as well as how it affects your shipping cost, so let's finish with how to find the right category for your shipping. Many transportation companies and brokers offer a freight class calculator that will determine the density and estimated category. These tools are suitable for unofficial shippers, but keep in mind that they only offer "rated" classes. If you are looking to avoid freight recharging, the only way to ensure your chapter is to confirm your shipping class is with the correct NMFC code, and make sure it is visible and readable to the BOL used at the time of pickup. The freight broker can help you do this, as it should have access to the NMFC database.

As you can see, there is a lot to say about the class, but if you have questions, your broker will be able to help you find the right category for your shipment. In conclusion, here are some classification tips to keep the charging process simple and easy.

Shipping tips and tricks

Always include an NFMC code on the BOL so that the operator can see it. Always include the description of shipping on BOL to the fullest of your ability. It is likely that something marked with a "charge item" will be reclassified, given that the carrier has no idea what the shipment is and therefore has no idea of the correct category. Class calculators can provide the exact density of a charge, however, their chapters are always estimates. Not all items have density-based classes! Be aware of carrier habits. Not all carriers are created equal and some are more difficult to reclassify and inspect than others. Find out the restrictions of the carriers you will honest. Resist the urge to cheat in your shipping category to trick shipping companies. In the long run (such as Vegas), the home always wins and will eventually end up paying fines for returning ongoing rows.

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