The Importance Of Enthusiasm

Enthusiasm is a form of vulnerability. Admitting you love something is a statement about yourself, and people respond to that part of you whichever way they choose.

Everyone has their “thing” -- that goes without saying. But often demonstrating affection for something can provoke trivializing attitudes. Beneath a growing Internet culture, where being excited and open is the norm, there still seems to be a looming snob impulse made up of snarky contrarians who probably imagine themselves as leather-jacketed cool kids in an ‘80s movie, standing broodingly ready to reject any abnormal displays of joy and excitement. These boring people are to be avoided, as far as I’m concerned.

It may seem easier to quell your passion, but it is ultimately less rewarding. While that seems like a minor observation, it extends into many parts of life. Being enthusiastic without restraint is freeing and can help a person cultivate who they are and will become.

Enthusiasm is seen clearly within devoted fan bases of sports teams, of movies like "Harry Potter," "Star Wars," "The Hunger Games," and of stars like Taylor Swift. It doesn’t matter, whatever it is, there’s probably a group of people gathering around buying the t-shirts. The impact of fandoms is omnipresent, varied, and immense.

However, people (usually older people) can be snarky and dismissive of “fangirls” or “geeks,” and so on. To be condescending towards a community of people is to fail to appreciate the creative outlet that being a fan becomes for many people.

Also, the ripple effect of unabridged enthusiasm extends beyond, say, Comic Con. Passionate people might turn their attention towards politics, social issues, or choose to champion a cause. These are your protesters, your revolutionary minds. Unfortunately, even those who apply enthusiasm this way can be belittled as aggressive or angry.

Life itself is difficult, and no one is always happy and positive. That is probably unhealthy and not suggested. But it is necessary, in light of life’s pains and tragedies, to be able to express oneself fully without negotiation or fear. Why does seeing someone enjoy something mean they’re juvenile? Are some things just deemed irritating or unimportant? People who take issue with eagerness reveal more about themselves and their own cynicism.

Being enthusiastic often feels like an act of courage in the midst of saturating sarcasm. It is liberating to realize how important it is to be enthusiastic because it hardwires us to be unafraid about other aspects of our lives. It allows people to mold their identities and demonstrate their emotions. Whatever your enthusiasm is reserved for, it may open doors to connect with other people and allow the world to feel freer. There is too little time to “play it cool,” and, honestly, it's a lot less fun.

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