The Icon Who Changed Everything, "Nicole Milfie"
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The Icon Who Changed Everything, "Nicole Milfie"

Acknowledging the genius and the beauty that was Taylor Crenshaw.

The Icon Who Changed Everything, "Nicole Milfie"

Twitter is my favorite app for multiple reasons, but my most favorite reason is the way it can connect you with so many people. My friend Kit once told me, "You know we all going through stuff in real life, the internet is like a get away." And that's exactly what Twitter is for me and so many of the people i've connected with. Real friendships can emerge from this app. And while it may seem "silly" to others to have an internet friend you've never met, it doesn't mean it doesn't happen

One of the connections i've made through the world of Twitter was Taylor Crenshaw, better known as her online alias "Nicole Milfie". Milfie was an incredible Writer, Blogger, and analyzer of both modern day and early pop culture. Unfortunately, Taylor passed away Monday night, and while the cause of death is still unknown, thousands of her supporters are devastated by her passing. I really just kept wishing it was all a big misunderstanding but we apparently gained a new angel this week.

Milfie was always one hundred percent herself and unapologetically truthful about her passions. Her transparency about her life struggles, passions, and beliefs won the hearts of so many Twitter users. She was so brilliant in dissecting pop culture through her informative threads, she constantly educated us on the ins and outs of celebrity life, the importance of women being sexually liberated, destroying misogynistic viewpoints, the different avenues and truth about sex work, and drug abuse. She was honestly a genius in my eyes.

After making her mark when photos were taking of Milfie breastfeeding her newborn daughter at the time Madison, it went viral. while there were some ignorant people trying to down play her confident and "radical" way of expression, there were even more people who fell in love with this woman. She was a loving mother who broke barriers. She showed that you can be a good mom and still be an individual, still live life. Her intelligence, thinking process, and care free demeanor was inciting for so many people. Milfie taught us what it means to be "iconic", (if you see a certain group of people using term nowadays they probably got it from Taylor).

While I was only a faithful follower of Taylor for a while, we only would communicate on a small scale. One day I was thrifting and I saw this T shirt with the Paris Hilton quote "That's Hot!" And I instantly thought of Taylor. I just love doing nice things for people i appreciate. Anyway, I tweet a pic of it to her and she thought it was so cool. I ended up mailing it to her and she tweeted me telling me how much she loved it and followed me after that. From that day on, I noticed how similar her beliefs were to mine just through tweets, interactions and conversations on topics she would tweet about. Her genuineness just made it so easy to like her. A Sagittarius with a birthday a day just before mine (I thought that was dope) she was just so relatable to me! She was always so supportive of my music and writing and gave me advice when I needed it. She will definitely go down as a influential person in my life.

She didn't only inspire me but she inspired so many others, and she always knew she would be successful. Milfie constantly said she was gonna be iconic and she truly was. She sprouted from only a few hundreds of followers to 30k in less than 2 years. All by being herself and that's what we all loved the most about her. I'm truly heartbroken I've lost this important figure in my life but her impact will forever remain and I will always think of her.

Long Live Milfe. "Iconic!!!"

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