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The Hollow

Mystery, Danger and Superpowers; One Crazy Adventure.

The Hollow

Three teenagers wake up in a strange bunker with no recollection of how they got there may sound like the setup to a rather grim joke, but it's the premise of Netflix Original: The Hollow. Adam, Mira, and Kai explore a crazy world that only grows more dangerous with time in an attempt to get to their homes; wherever that may be.
With all the crazy creatures and characters in the extremely varying terrain of this strange world, one called That Weird Guy knows what's going on but won't share any info. Appearing only when they call for help, his charity comes with a price; he'll teleport them out of danger but it will drain them of energy. The trio has only their wit, skills, and powers to rely on; can they survive long enough to figure out what's going on and get home? Enter The Hollow and find out!
With 10 episodes all 24 mins long in this first season, it's highly bingeable to finish in a day like I did. Rated TV-Y7-FV it's safe for kids to watch but it doesn't dial down the action, emotional journey and complexity for the young target audience; making for a nice show you can put on for any kids you're watching (in my case nephews) that can keep you entertained. The mystery of what's happening to them makes for arresting television for all ages.
Though the show is far from perfect, it has many admirable aspects in it. The relationship(s) between the characters change and evolve in interesting yet believable ways given the stressful conditions they're in. Most of the characters are male, but the few female characters there are don't get treated as props for the male ones. Indeed, they have their own strengths independent of the guys around them and, just like in real life, they're far more competent at focusing on and achieving their goals.
There are a few strong and interesting lessons to be taken away from the series; one of the more poignant ones is not to compare yourself to others. Kai discovers his powers last in the trio, feeling less than special in comparison to his friends; overlooking the amazing skills he has. When you see the astonishing things those close to you or anyone in general does, you can start to belittle and forget what you yourself are capable of. There's also something to be said about teamwork, cooperation, and trust but messages of that nature are common in action-adventure shows.
The design of the characters, though simple, are distinct enough to make them memorable but not exactly noteworthy. The animation style makes for interesting action scenes, slow enough for younger eyes to catch but not too slow to bore an older audience.
The dialogue between them is as natural as amnesiac teenagers in a dangerous world can be, which is to say it's organic and at times funny. The writing is well thought out so that the stakes and capabilities of the characters elevate at a reasonable rate, it doesn't spiral out of control or take a huge leap leaving viewers to wonder how they got there. It's more than can be said about a lot of kids shows.
The Hollow is an interesting show that can appeal to a wide audience of young people for many different reasons. If you have kids or have kids to watch, put this show on and get into it too. Hope you watch it!

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