The Hobbit Meal Plan

The Hobbit Meal Plan

Why settle for three meals a day when you can have seven?

Let’s be real, hobbits have the life we all want. Tolkien knew what he was talking about. Unfortunately, with our busy college lifestyle we cannot afford to miss class without repercussions.

We can however, integrate the genius Hobbit Meal Plan into our lives. Hobbits have seven meals a day and that is something I can definitely get behind. Here’s how you too can implement the Hobbit Meal Plan in your life.

Breakfast (A.K.A. stuff your face with as much food as you can in two minutes because you’re already late to class.)

Hobbits have breakfast at seven in the morning, which is too damn early for any college student to be a functioning human being, so we’re moving our breakfast time down to the final countdown before your first class because in all honesty, there’s no way you’re going to get out of bed with enough time to sit down for a meal, look presentable, and be on time for class.


Because everyone needs food to keep them going between classes. And lunch is too damn far. (There is no second breakfast, because we slept in, although I’m sure you could find time for it if you tried.)


Celebrate surviving half the day with a hearty meal! Samwise Gamgee's got the right idea.

Afternoon tea (A.K.A. second lunch.)

If you’re not posh enough for afternoon tea, this is basically another lunch! Who doesn’t love more food? Besides, it’s only three and you’re already hungry. There’s no way you’d survive your next class without eating something.


Hooray! You’ve made it through the day! Chow down on some delicious goodness with everyone you love. And food. You love food, too.

Supper/Second Dinner

Whether you have a three-hour evening seminar, or you need some sustenance to get through your piles of homework, supper is where you can find all your dietary needs that will hopefully keep your stomach happy as you slave away over your problem sets.

Midnight Snack/Dinner

You’ve managed to make a good enough dent in your work to call it a night. So you get ready to watch an episode or two of your favorite TV show before bed when your stomach calls out to you yet again. And who are you to refuse? You open up a bag of popcorn or heat up the leftover Thai food from dinner and end your day in a few moments of bliss.

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