The Harry Styles' Hair Evolution You Didn't Want, But You Need.
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The Harry Styles' Hair Evolution You Didn't Want, But You Need.

Yeah, it's necessary.

The Harry Styles' Hair Evolution You Didn't Want, But You Need.

This July it is nearing 10 years since we've known Harry Styles. I know, I know it feels like a second to some and may seem like an eternity to others. Harry Styles is without a doubt the most gorgeous man on this godforsaken planet, and we have his hair to thank. While being insanely objectively attractive, having the voice of an angel, being so incredibly kind, and being funny this man has also been able to pull off honestly every hairstyle imaginable. He somehow looks different every 2 single year while simultaneously looking the exact same. Here is a list of all of the ways those thick, chestnut brown locks have been modified throughout the years.

2011 Harry

Those chestnut locks on the cusp of fame have NO IDEA WHAT IS ABOUT TO OCCUR.

rating: 8/10- such a cutie

2012 Harry

In 2012, One Direction was full steam ahead and Harry had probably had a hair stylist for the first time in his life. He managed to keep his boyish-mop while adding a ~flavor~ with the side sweep.

rating: 9/10- the side sweep was a classic, iconic look that we wanted but did not deserve

2013 Harry

I've been WAITIN' FOR THIS ONE- TURN IT UP! Ah, frat boy Harry- the star of the show. Something was definitely in the water in 2013- with all of the boys changing their looks. I am not ashamed to say 2013 made me change from a Liam girl to a Harry girl, I finally saw the light.

rating: 3517192/10- no comment necessary

2014 Harry- Part 1

Ah, the often forgotten about bandana phase. I will NEVER forget this phase. This hair was highlighted on the Where We Are Tour, which seeing in person will always be my greatest accomplishment.

rating: 10/10- iconic ease into the change of the decade.

2014 Harry- Part 2

The prince hair. Gorgeous, sometimes greasy, and elegant. I am in no way a long-hair kinda girl but this long hair is not only acceptable, but wanted, and desired.

rating: 10/10- sweet boy :)))

2015 Harry

I hate to say it, I don't know who this man is. Just kidding, it's obviously Harold. Long haired Harry is something, and I really don't know what that is. One part of me wants to braid these locks and the other part of me is so insanely intimidated.

rating: 8/10- i love him but I am scared if I made any sort of mistake he would yell at me

2016 Harry

Yessir. Thank God for Christopher Nolan and his creation of the movie Dunkirk. A man on his own, a solo-artist thriving on his own. We love him and we love his hair. This hair catapults us into the next best years of our lives.

rating: 34474378382092020920/10

2017 Harry

Someone hand me my inhaler, I forgot how to breathe. Like are you kidding me right now- this is not ok. I-c-o-n-i-c. Showstopping. Never been done before.

rating: 17 million/10 (I know these ratings have no meaning but they make sense)

2018 Harry

That casual flop? Come on. The effortless beauty flowing over his beautiful head is so much to handle. I think this may be my favorite phase of his yet. Also, it may seem that this description is less enthusiastic than the others, but I genuinely just can't make out words to express how I feel about this. No one will ever compare.

rating: infinity/100

Present Harry

Now, this is what I'm talking about. Harry is finally growing into his skin and becoming his unapologetic best self. We love that for him. He looks older with the little scruff but still keeps his charm with the bouncy locks.

rating: all of my love for him/10

Thank you for reading, you're welcome and I'm sorry about this.

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