The Hard Facts of Life: As Said By The Office
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The Hard Facts of Life: As Said By The Office

"Before I do anything, I ask myself, 'Would an idiot do that?' and if the answer is yes, I do not do that thing." -Dwight Schrute

The Hard Facts of Life: As Said By The Office
Addison Fry

We've all heard of NBC's comedy, The Office. Regardless if you like the show or not, you can't say that a quote or two from the show hasn't made you laugh to yourself. I had always watched the show throughout high school, but it wasn't until I was handed my diploma and walked across the stage to adulthood that I truly appreciated some of the words sarcastically said.

Life and "adulting" can be tough, and nobody captures it quite like The Office does.

1. Regardless if you're sitting in an 8 AM bio lab or waking up at 5 AM for work, this will never be more relatable.

2. We all have that one toxic person in our lives that we realize has been dragging us down as we grow up. There's no way around it. Some people just suck.

3. Pretty much explanatory.

4. As you grow older, your patience grows thinner.

5. And sadly, the older you get means you have less free time. Meaning when your annoying aunt pesters you at Easter over you not texting her back, you have to make up a story for the reason why you didn't.

6. When you see kids younger than you doing the same things you did when you were 15, somehow it still will annoy you.

6. If you decide to further your education, you take back every time you said your workload was "hard" in highschool.

7. You lose your train of thought at least 4 times a day. No matter the importance. Sometimes even in the middle of a sentence.

8. If you weren't an angry person before, driving will make you one... especially when you're running late.

9. Turning in a final, paying a bill, finishing a car payment. We've all felt this.

10. When the end of the month bills start coming in...

11. "Since you're at college, you go out every weekend... right?"

12. But on the weekend you do go out, you realize you had to take a quiz by 11:59 PM or that you have a 12 hour shift the next day.

13. You will cross paths with the kid in your homeroom that broke your heart. And now, suddenly that you're grown up, now you're appealing.

14. You appreciate, and take, honesty whenever you can get it.

15. You keep telling yourself that things can't get worse, but somehow life keeps rolling the dice for you.

16. Realizing you took your mom for granted when you've been on hold with your phone company for the past 2.5 hours or doing your yearly taxes.

17. Paying an extra $20 instead of the "Kids free" admission at a sporting event because you're an adult now.

18. Waking up before your alarm, realizing the only thing getting you through the day is the fact that you'll be going back to bed later that night.

19. You come to terms with things that just don't make sense.

20. But somehow, excuse my language, no matter how shitty life gets sometimes, you make it work.

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