"The Gunfighter": A Review

“The Gunfighter” is a 2014 short film that was originally published by Eric Kissack, the writer and director on Vimeo.com. This is available for viewing from other sources such as YouTube.com. This film is a whopping eight minutes and 49 seconds long, intro and credits included.

The setting is created to resemble an old western saloon where a man walks into a bar and something interesting happens. The twist that drives this film is an unexpected humor that imitates that of video game “The Stanley Parable” (which I recommend to anyone looking for a good time). The fun in watching this video comes from experiencing Nick Offerman narrate an old western; his narration constantly breaks the fourth wall by revealing unsaid thoughts and intentions to every character in the room. For instance, he reveals to the protagonist, the gunfighter, that two men in the corner are planning on killing him before he turns around, allowing him to turn and verify that he is indeed correct.

I could give more unique and equally entertaining examples, but I would hate to ruin the discovery for you, just know that this less-than-nine-minute-long film won four awards for Best Short Film and three other awards (all from different venues) and has been featured by seven different short film festivals over the past three years since its conception.

I have included the video from the original Vimeo.com source and the alternative YouTube.com source below for you to have quick and easy access to the correct short film. (So there is no excuse not to watch it, I mean come on it is only eight minutes and 49 seconds of your time).



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