Looking at the whole history of humanity, daily life really hasn’t changed much. The struggle of surviving seems to be improving, and simplifying everyday life has become an obsession amongst humanity.

If you take a step back and observe the expectations set on us you’d see something similar to the following: you start out as a young child going to school, then you go to college, you get a job, you find a spouse, buy a house, fill it with kids and stuff, then grow old and die.

Of course, there are millions of other factors that come into play which fill our lives with meaning and make us feel alive. Minuscule things in this world separate us from corresponding resemblance, and I have a deep appreciation for how no two humans will ever be the same. But why is this the standard for a “perfect life?” What else are we offered besides these main acts to fill our life with pleasure? If we don’t complete this standard criterion, does this mean we have messed up the one life we’ve been given?

If you look at the complex structure of life nowadays compared to human life thousands of years ago, not much has changed. Yes, we have an abundance of distractions available to us now, but our goals for a satisfying life have remained the same. The structure is still astoundingly similar, and I find it fascinating that most humans would consider this a common goal to attain. No matter which race, nation, or area of the globe you look at, the standard may vary a bit, but it conclusively proves that humanity truly is all the same at the root, no matter how different we try to make things seem.

The standard of living is closely related to the quality of life. A successful job, large income, reliable housing, and loved ones to fill your leisurely time with certainly add to the gratification of living a life of comfort. Our way of life as humans hasn’t changed, we’re just a slightly more advanced civilization. By expanding on previous ideas and inventions of humanity, it has helped us get to the place we are now, but without the visions and concepts of men thousands of years ago, we would be trapped in complacency. The admirable thing about humans is our intense desire for growth and our refusal to remain stagnant. Because of this it continues to push us further as a species and expand upon our visions as a unified civilization.

Foremost, we continually need pioneers and trailblazers to launch us in the direction of this enriching existence. Without past men and women who have strayed from the “standard,” and without those bold enough to dauntlessly challenge the status quo, our reality as we know it would be nonexistent. I pray you find something in this life to push you beyond your current limitations, and to become one of the trailblazers that give humanity meaning. The great awakening of innovative ideas are necessities in our progression. Intellectually, our human brain is highly programmable, but I pray for the continuation of modern knowledge, the birth of substitutional ideas, and the production of fresh exploration.

Humanity only has one place to go, and that’s forward. The future is coming and we should embrace it with hopeful incentives and uncontrollable persistence.