To the Grandparents Who Were Like My Second Parents

To the Grandparents Who Were Like My Second Parents

It's good that you're up there with God, living your best afterlife.

Dear Gram(s) and Gramp(s),

I think about y'all every day. I miss you dearly, but I know you're with me on every journey I embark on. I wish y'all were still here, I would talk your ears off about the opportunities I've been granted, the friends I've made, the grades I have, and my future plans. But, I guess you guys can see it from Heaven. It's just not the same though. I see and hear people talk about their grandparents and going to their grandparents' for the weekend. It especially hurts when I see people treat their grandparents like dirt. It's like, they are so blessed to still have their grandparents in their lives. Some of us can't say that. It's hard. Though you all died a few years ago, people think that we should be "over" that sort of thing and we should "be done" grieving. I never knew grieving had an expiration date. I find myself in a daze sometimes just thinking about how y'all would be dealing and reacting to the world today. It's crazy and unbelievable, I'm sad that you all aren't here but I'm glad y'all don't have to be in this crazy world surrounded by these crazy people. It's good that you're up there with God, living your best afterlife.

I've always imagined y'all coming to my college graduation and me just doing all the things I see other people do with their grandparents. It's hard to hear my parents talk about you guys and about how everything was when they were growing up. It's still hard to cope with because whenever something good happens, there's always that one person that says, "grandma(s)/granddad(s) would be so proud of you".

It's my mission to keep making y'all happy, all four of you. This is why I'm committed to living my best life, not only for my parents but for y'all too because I know y'all had a hand in raising me and I refuse to let y'all's hard work go to waste. Sometimes I struggle, but I know y'all are always holding your hands out for me to follow you through the storm. Y'all are my rainbows. Even though I've been through one of the worst things, when I lost y'all, I know God is going to bring me through and I'll be stronger in the end because of y'all.


Your favorite granddaughter

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Poetry On Odyssey: "Happy Birthday in Heaven, Grandpa"

I Miss You

He walked into my house one foot behind the other

He hugged me and I felt his arms grasp my back as though he had missed me

I grinned at the sweet smell of Hall's cough drops and strong black coffee radiating off of him

"I missed you Johnson. How have you been?" He said with his raspy, smoker's voice

"I'm good papaw," I'd always say.

We laughed so hard we snorted, because he was always cracking jokes

He asked me how I was doing in school, and let me know I get all of my intelligence from him

Then, all of a sudden, he was sick, and in the hospital

Then, in the blink of an eye, he was in heaven watching over me

Oh lord, do I miss him.

His hoarse voice.

His distinctive laugh.

His songs that he would play on his guitar and harmonica

His hugs.

His jokes.

His round glasses that he wore with only one leg, and ducked tape on the other side.

His Harley Davidson Motorcycle's jacket he always wore.

But most of all, him.

Happy Birthday in Heaven Papaw Jerry, Johnson really misses you.

Cover Image Credit: Lexi Parsons

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My Grandparents Are Better Than Yours

If I had to choose which one of my grandmothers would party with me, it would definitely be this one.

Angels sent from the heavens, some of the sweetest people with the sweetest memories, the most amazing humans on this planet — grandparents.

If you ask anyone, they’ll swear that they have the best grandparents. I can say the same because without my grandparents I wouldn’t be where I am today.

I’ve been blessed with four wonderful grandparents. They’re each very different in their own special way, each of them has taught me different life lessons in ways no one could ever imagine. It’s very rare that everyone grows up with all four grandparents, I consider myself lucky in just that aspect.

My grandmothers: one of them is hands down the kindest, sweetest, most humble lady you’ll ever meet. She is the reason for my kindness today. She taught me to treat others the way I would want to be treated.

She engraved in my brain that Jesus loves me, and I say engraved because I could call her right now and before she hangs up she would say, “don’t forget, Jesus loves you”, and that is one of the sweetest things that anyone could ever tell you. I have so many special memories with this woman that I’ll forever cherish. Not to mention, her cooking will knock you off your feet.

My other grandmother is probably the spunkiest, sassiest, most giving woman I know. She is always up for a good time. If I had to choose which one of my grandmothers would party with me, it would definitely be this one.

We have very similar personalities, you can tell we’re related just by the sass. She has taught me to be selfless. She would give a stranger the shirt off her back if she knew they needed it. She might be the sassiest grandmother out there, but she has the biggest heart. She has also taught me to love myself, she has instilled in me that confidence is everything. Her sense of style would make a 25-year-old jealous.

My grandfathers: both of my grandfathers have the kindest hearts around. They’re both so gentle and humble. They’re more similar than different but what they have taught me is different.

One of my grandfathers taught me to forgive. Throughout my life, he has always reminded me to forgive others. He taught me that it’s not worth having hate in my heart over someone else and that everything happens for a reason. He has taught me to always follow my instincts and they’ll never lead me down the wrong path.

My other grandfather has taught me to persevere. He has shown me that no matter what is thrown my way I can overcome anything. His strength is unmeasurable and is always full of wisdom. My memories with these two men are ones that I’ll cherish forever.

When I say that I was blessed with some amazing grandparents, I wasn’t kidding. These four humans have shaped me into the young lady I am today, and I am forever grateful. These four sweet souls will be my best friends forever.

Cover Image Credit: Unsplash (Pablo Hermoso)

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