The God Of The Unknown
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The God of the Unknown

In a world where its so easy to know everything, it's harder than ever to face the unknown

The God of the Unknown
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Technology has made everything accessible with the click of a button or the swipe of a finger, and with this beautiful thing, comes FOMO, or the fear of missing out. Everyone has experienced this, whether it's after you see your friends out after they told you they had to study or when you completely missed out on the latest update from your favorite celebrity, and lately, it has become an even bigger problem.

So, in a world of constant access and communication, how do we wait expectantly and not with anxiety?

In Genesis 22:1-19, we see the story of Abraham's journey up the mountain in Moriah to sacrifice his son. After he and Sarah struggled so much to have a son, God called Abraham to do the unthinkable--sacrifice his only son. If we were asked to do this today, most of us would think that God was crazy and immediately say no, but Abraham answered with faith and went the next morning. Then, as they were journeying to the mountain, Isaac asks his father,

"The fire and the wood are here, but where is the lamb for the burnt offering?" -Genesis 22:7

Abraham did not reply with timidity, fear or anxiety, but he said: "The Lord will provide." Abraham did not understand God's plan, and he was unsure of why God would ask Him to do this, but he never doubted God or His provision. The end of the story is beautiful. Just as Abraham is about to sacrifice his beloved son, God calls out to him and blesses him, and then, God provides a ram for the sacrifice. We can learn three things from Abraham from this passage about how to face the unknown without fear.

1. Listen for God

When the Lord called to Abraham, he didn't ignore the call or let the noise of the world distract him; he simply said "Here I am," and then got up and went to the mountain in Moriah. This isn't the only instance of where Abraham listened for God's voice, though. When he was called to leave his homeland for an unknown place (Genesis 12), Abraham got up and went, and he was blessed with becoming the father of a great nation because of it. When we listen for God's voice, we will see His blessings that come from doing His will. Listening for God and seeking Him through prayer, His Word, and fellowship are vital parts of our walk with Jesus.

2. Follow God

Abraham took the long journey to the mountain where he would have to sacrifice his only son. Imagine how hard this was, viewing his only son whom he loved so much marching to his death, but yet, Abraham did not turn back or grab a ram for slaughter from his livestock. He followed God's plan exactly, no matter how difficult it seemed. God's plan is perfect, and it is one that can look weird in our eyes. This is the beauty of it though: if we follow exactly what He is telling us to do, it will lead to beautiful places that we can only dream of reaching.

3. Trust God

"God himself will provide the lamb for the burnt offering my son."

This quote from verse 8 shows the true essence of trust. Abraham knew that God would use the situation for His plan and did not doubt, but said: "God will provide." Whether it was through Abraham's son or through a customary sacrificial animal, Abraham trusted that God would provide. This is the key to facing the unknown, trusting that God knows what He is doing and that He will lead you through what's to come.

The unknown can be scary, but it doesn't have to be. Listening to God, following Him, and trusting Him are all things that can bring peace into the stress of the unknown.

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