In all honesty, what would we do without our mother? She has taught us almost every lesson in life. And, she can ALWAYS point out a fake friend way before we ever can. She taught us how to love unconditional because Lord knows there have been times where she'd like to kill you but loves you anyway.

If you're like my own mother and I, you always butt heads because you are the EXACT same person. We argue and we fight like cats and dogs but that's only because we always have to have the last word, and we're experts at pushing each other's buttons...because well...our buttons are the exact same.

She taught you how to straighten your hair, how to curl your hair, and even how to brush your hair. You probably feel as though you should be bald from all the times she slicked your hair back into the tightest ponytail she could possibly get. I mean some of us should have brain injuries from how hard our mothers pulled our hair into those things!

Our mothers taught us how to do makeup. Not necessarily that heavy black eyeliner stage we all went through... but she taught us how to apply lipstick, what eyeshadows to use, and to never use too much mascara because our eyelashes should not clump together.

Moms make us strong. They hold us while we cry, buy us ice-cream when our hearts get broken, and wipe away our tears when everything is going totally downhill.

As I grow older I realize all the amazing things my mom has done for me, and all the lessons she has taught me, even if I was being hard headed about it. But no matter how mad we make each other, how many days apart we go without seeing each other and talking, I know I will forever have a lifelong best friend, and I will never be alone.

So, after you read this please give your mother a hug, and tell her you love her. She'll appreciate it more than you know.