It's move in day. You're waiting in line for the elevator to make it to the 10th floor to a room that will be your home for the next nine months. You are not sure what to expect; how small will it be? Will I get along with the girls next door? Will everything fit?

Make sure to get to your room before everyone else does and take in the bare, white walls and empty floor space; you will not see the emptiness again until move out day. I know what you are thinking, "Wow, can a room really be this small?" Let me tell you something... YES. I know you are probably going to tell your parents and roommate that you want to loft your bed so you will have enough space for all of your stuff (believe me, I did too). As you begin putting everything away and shoving clothes into drawers and books into your desk, you realize you have brought WAY too much stuff. All you can think is, "I told mom this was going to happen", even though you really don't want to say I told you so.

The best part about move in day is having your roommate and potential best friend walk in not too long after you with all of her stuff. If you get the right person, you will click instantly. Think about it, you will be living with this person for the next 9 months which means sharing food and clothes while making sure they know you're there for them to help them study. It is fun to have someone who you can share things with and laugh with in the middle of the night. Your roommate can be your best friend or your worst nightmare; try to start the year off right. Oh, and make sure you help her set up her side of the room too, I mean come on, common courtesy girl.

The hardest part about moving in is finally having everything set up and watching your parents and siblings have to walk away. You never truly realize how much you will miss home and having them around all the time until they are about to drive two hours back home. Those last hugs and I love you's are ones that you will cherish forever; I know that my mom and I cried when we had to say goodbye to one another.

In the end, your freshman dorm room will be one that you will never forget. It is your first home away from home; your first feeling of freedom. Your first dorm room is the room where you will look forward to coming back to after a long study session in the library or a hard day in class. I met my best friend in this room, I cried and was stressed out over tests and papers in this room, but most of all, I found myself in this room, and I hope you do too.