I Am the Girl That Chooses Her Friends Over Her Schoolwork
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Student Life

I Am the Girl That Chooses Her Friends Over Her Schoolwork

And I am not ashamed to speak out about it.

I Am the Girl That Chooses Her Friends Over Her Schoolwork
Sierra Pospiech

I know what you're probably thinking.

"This is not how you should spend your time at college."

"You're wasting time and money you could spend doing homework."

I completely and entirely understand that and though my academic career is extremely important to me, my friends are worth more.

Honestly, I know that my education and my future is crucial in order for me to become who I want to become; however, I am not the girl that you will find ditching her friends for hours of schoolwork.

I am considered a best friend to a lot of people, all of whom I care very deeply about. If anything happens, I am always one text or phone call away and I will never leave them unanswered. I am not the kind of friend who will leave her phone on "Do Not Disturb" while doing homework. I am always so willing to push my homework aside for any of my friends.

Does this make me a terrible student who has no concept of responsibility and who does not value her education?

No. Why? Because I have spent many nights awake doing schoolwork because my friends needed me that day. I know that some of my best work comes out of my procrastination and negligence; and it is worth it when I know that I helped someone I really cared about or I was around to talk to all night.

I value my education just as much as the next college student. I strive for the best and if I don't reach it, I do everything I can to make up for it. I put so much effort into every little thing that I do, and that even reflects on who I am as a friend. My education is what will help me become the business owner I desire to be, but being a shoulder to cry on or an ear to listen to will help me become the individual I have always strived to be. I want to be the person that anyone can rely on, the person that was never constant in my life.

Not only will my education decide my future, but so will my actions. Which is why I am so quick to push aside my schoolwork to be the person that my friends need me to be at that specific time.

I have had people try to intervene and tell me I'm not doing what's best for my future; but how can they say that when I'm a completely different person than they are? Though is may not be easy or restful, I am able to balance my schoolwork and my social life. And this is because of the heart I have and how I was raised.

My mom taught me that schoolwork is important, but being a person that no one can say any bad thing about is necessary in my future career. My dad always taught me that as long as I tried my best in school, then I will always make it far; but he also told me to treat people the way I would want to be treated. And my stepdad taught me that my schoolwork is everything and to keep my true friends close.

Ultimately, it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks about your life because it is your life, not theirs. You are doing what is best for your heart and soul, as well as what is best for your mind. And you are doing what is best for the only person that matters in the end: you.

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