To Her

First, I want to say that this isn't a cruel way of reminding you that you are not with him anymore. I would never want to inflict that on someone. This is a way of telling you that you did all that you could and it's okay that it didn't work out: it was teaching you that the two of you deserve something even better.

When I first met him, I didn't realize how much you impacted his life. How you still do. That because of you, there are things that have created the person he is now. I look at you and I see someone that once meant everything to him. I want to thank you for helping him become the man that he is today.

No, I was not there for when you were. No, I can never have the same experiences the two of you had together. No, I will never understand what the two of you dealt with during your years together. I only know what I have been told about your relationship and even that barely scratches the surface. No, I cannot fathom how deep your relationship was with each other. But there are some things that I can understand.

I can understand why you loved him. Why he is such a spectacular person. Why he makes you feel so special, so loved. Why when you wake up in the morning and look at him, you realize how lucky you truly are. Why when he looks at you with those sweet brown eyes how you fell so deeply in love with him. Why his caring nature makes it so easy to trust him. Why seeing how close he is with his family makes you so desperately want to be included. Why his intelligent, witty personality made you see the person he is inside.

I will not lie that I am grateful that it did not work out between the pair of you. That your relationship led him to ours. For without you, the chance of us being together would have been slim. But I am also grateful to you. You taught him lessons that were needed and without them, he would not have been the same man I have fallen in love with. I am grateful that you gave him a love that he needed. You gave him apart of yourself that will never be returned, as he did to you. But isn't that the point of love? To give yourself fully to someone with the possibility of forever? You did that, and I applaud you for that.

I am sorry that it did not work out. You may not believe me, but I am. Wanting that forever, but not receiving it has to be incredibly difficult. You are so strong for having to go through that. You are a beautiful woman that has much to offer this world, and I hope you fully realize that.

Here's my thank you. Thank you for being apart of his life when I was not there. Thank you for loving him in the way that you did. Thank you for being there for him and showing him that there are other people in his life that care about him other than his family and friends. Thank you for showing him what a real relationship looks like even if it wasn't the right one.

You and I most likely never be able to connect with each other on a level other than acquaintances. I do hope that perhaps we could be potential friends But that's okay if we're not. I will always give the respect that you deserve, the respect you have earned. You were there before me and that means receiving apart of him that I can never have. Please know that I will always give you that right.

The last thing I want to say is I hope you find the man of your dreams like I have found mine. The man who makes you wildly happy and gives you everything you need. I want that for you.

Thank you.

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