Four episodes, Four seasons (Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall)

And yet people are still not happy.

After so many years without Gilmore Girls,

Gilmore Girls comes back for about 1 1/2 hour episodes for each type of season describing what the Gilmore Girls future are.

Although some have ridiculed how Rory’s life plays out in her future because they thought more of her, I actually understood it.

I actually could feel the way Rory felt. I could understand her life and it honestly made me a little happy.

Is that bad that her “homeless” life made me a little happy inside?

Rory was the “All around girl,” however she wasn’t the “All around woman”

Although Rory succeeded in private school and Yale University, after college, at 32 years old, her life was in a standstill and it made me happy.

It made me happy because I could actually have an understanding of how she was feeling.

It felt like she was actually a real-life human, a human facing problems that people go through in the after-life.

Sure, I thought Rory would have this enriching life, but she didn’t.

Rory didn’t know what she wanted to do in her life, she was lost and was trying to figure out what she wanted to do.

I finally feel like I can relate to Rory.

I feel like I am in the same position as Rory and I think some people believe they are too.

What happens after all this?

What happens after school, after college?

For once, I don’t have a plan.

I have no idea where I actually am going after I gradate College.

I am hopeful.

I am in a limbo right now and I still have time to figure it out what I want out of life. I have time to know what I want.

If Rory was 32 in a standstill and I am only 21 feeling the way she is, then I have a lot of time to figure it out.

Rory, a writer, finally found something passionate that she wanted to do and started writing a book about her family.

If Rory found her “niche” then surely I will.

Maybe, like Rory, I will be passionate and ready to do something within the next “four seasons.”

Maybe I will finally find something that I love and will be able to pursue it.

If there isn’t one thing I learned from "future" Rory

It was that it is okay if you don’t know what you’re doing.

It is okay to be in a limbo after college.

It is okay to not be what everyone wanted you to be

You don’t have to already have a career path after college.

The after-life of college is about finding yourself

Find different things you love and pursue them.

Its okay to not be comfortable, that’s what life is all about


If "future" Rory is what I become, I'm okay with that.