It's hard to imagine what life would be like without you after all these years. The highs wouldn't have been nearly as high, and the lows would have been a whole lot lower.

It's hard to come by loyalty these days. People live on impulse, and they make decisions that they don't necessarily think through completely- decisions that could really hurt someone else in the long run.

People are so concerned with what's happening next that their attention usually drifts from the "here and now" to the "look what could be" and often they don't recognize or appreciate what's right in front of them.

Girls can be nasty to one another. I've had friends come and go, and I've been really hurt by people in my past. Between the backstabbing, the boyfriend stealing, the trash talking and the using, it makes it hard to trust anyone.

But if there's one person I can trust with my whole life, it's you.

You've never made me feel like I had to act any type of way to fit in or impress you. You've always encouraged me to be who I fully am. When girls had something to say about me, you were the first to defend me. When guys took advantage of me, you stood up for me and never backed down. You would defend me till my death, I have no doubt about it. I have never questioned who's side you were on, and I have never felt like I had to compete with anyone else for the title of your "best friend".

"Best friend" isn't really the best words to describe you, though. Not when your phone number is in all of my sibling's phones. Not when my mom would call your phone repeatedly when I was missing at 2 am back in the eleventh grade. Not when you used to pick me up when my parents were fighting when I was younger or when you're invited to family Christmas or when my mom refers to you as her own child.

You are so much more than a best friend. You've provided a safe place for me- a place to hide away from the ugly world. Arms to crash into, a shoulder to bury my tear-filled eyes, and a listening ear to fill with all sorts of nonsense worrying (that you try to convince me is normal but I know I'm irrational sometimes). You've been understanding when I just needed connection and attention- our friendship is rooted in the connection we have between our souls, not necessarily just common interests. You've listened when no one else would, and you've trusted me with your life secrets that no one else knows.

And most importantly, you've been consistency in my ever changing life. You stayed. Through the ups and the downs. You stayed.

You've been there since we were young and reckless, staying out late and causing trouble. You've helped me grow up and mature and realize my potential. You've made the highs, higher and the lows far less low. You are irreplaceable, and you occupy a place in my heart that is completely untouchable. You are my sister, and thankful doesn't begin to describe how I feel having you.

But it's a good place to start.