We didn't have a falling out, even though I know you resent me now. I wish I could take back whatever I did that made you walk out. I would love nothing more than to put all this behind us and be the friends we used to be, but I understand it's too late. We've both moved on, and for that, I want to give you a few words.

I will never slam the good times we had. Just like the memories I have of them now, they were genuinely happy moments, and I still miss all the fun. It's been hard to fill that void lately, but I'm thankful you made me more independent in finding that instead of relying on you alone, or anybody else. My happiness is my own, and I owe that lesson to you.

I know we're both different now. We've grown up a lot and changed even more, for better or worse. Who we were then and now are two different sets of people, and for that reason, I can't hold a grudge against you for anything. I wish things had worked out differently, but it is what it is.

Also, we don't need to be friends, but we don't need to be enemies either. It's okay if you don't want to hang out anymore, but there's nothing wrong with asking me how it's going when we run into each other. We don't need to pretend we don't know each other. It would really just be a shame if we did, considering everything we've been through together.

I want you to know I'm still here for you. You might have not even looked back when you left, but I still think of you as family. We've seen each other through highs and lows, and that history isn't erased, even if you'd like it to be. If you ever need someone to lean on, don't think twice about reaching out to me.

You should know I've done alright, too.

I've made other friends, and I'm a better friend now because of you. I realize now how valuable friendship is and I've promised myself to never allow what happened between us to be the end of another friendship. The fact that I can't even identify what the rift that came between us was caused by has made me see a new appreciation for the people that are close to me.

At the same time, I don't want you to ever forget who made this decision. I didn't know we weren't friends until you made that clear, and I would hate for that to ever be confused. You did this, and if there's any guilt, it's yours to take.

With that being said, I'm not hurt by your decision. Maybe it's because I don't understand it, or that I can come up with a lot of other ways things could've gone down. Or maybe it's that I keep half anticipating that I'll hear from you at some point, given the way I feel. Whatever it is, know that I don't hate you for what you did. No hard feelings, okay?