I walk into a metaphysical store and ask how much it would be to buy some Peace. The woman at the counter asks what kind of Peace. I tell her, just Peace. The woman at the counter smiles, I'm her perfect customer. She hands me a bracelet with pretty rocks. Says it will balance my chakras. I do not know what a chakra is. I buy the bracelet. Then, she hands me a purple candle. Says it will burn away my problems. The candle smells like lavender. I do not like lavender. I buy the candle anyway. Next, she hands me a deck of picture cards. Says the cards will answer all my questions. The cards are too big for my hands. I try to shuffle, but a card slips. The Fool. I do not know what the picture cards mean. The woman at the counter says not to worry, there's a lady that does. I buy 20 minutes to talk to a woman in all black because she can read the cards and I can not. The woman in black organizes the cards in a triangle face down. She flips a card around. She asks if I am far away from home. I am far away from home. She flips another one around. Asks if I've been hurt by a lover. I have been hurt by a lover. She flips another. Asks if I've lost a friend. I have lost many friends. She flips another and another and another and another. She says the cards tell her I am special. That I will do great things. Oh! She can see I will be a great doctor someday. I don't tell her I hate blood and could never be a doctor. When she finishes, she hands me a coupon for 20% off my next reading. On my way out, I pass by a line of desperate men and women that look like me. Sad, malleable minds, all waiting for the woman in black.

Too many Fools in one deck.