Hello CofC students...welcome to HELL WEEK. I know you've been waiting for this all semester and it has officially arrived. For the freshmen finally experiencing this good luck and for the upperclassmen I applaud you. As we approach the best week of our lives, here are the five stages of Hell Week. May the odds be in your favor (ALSO don't forget to rub Clyde's nose in Cougar Mall)!!

1. Denial

The first stage...denial. Trust me you know you've already told yourself that you don't have so much going on or that you don't have 2 projects and 5 essays due, why? CAUSE IT'S ALL FINE. YOU'RE FINE. LIFE IS FINE. EVERYTHING IS FINE!

2. Anger

Don't lie you know that this gif is you right now. Of course, the second stage is anger, it only seems right. You're probably wondering why 5 minutes ago you were laughing and having fun but now you're screaming at the top of your lungs as to why you procrastinated so much. Trust me I know this feeling all too well.

3. Bargaining

If you're not in your professors' office hours bargaining to raise your grade up, then who are you? "Can you please push my grade up to an A? I've been working so hard!" "If I turn this in can you boost my grade?" You know you've said this before, don't lie to yourself.

4. Depression

I know...I know we've all been here before. Trust me I had a mental breakdown the other day but guess what it's gonna be alright. This sadness will go away as soon as you're done with finals and then you'll be celebrating Christmas and the new year. The only reason your sad is 'cause you don't know how the heck you're gonna pull that C to an A, but trust me YOU GOT THIS.

5. Acceptance

You've gotten to the last stage...acceptance. I know it's hard but you're here and you just need to accept that you may or may not pass. Let me tell you one thing tho...YOU MADE IT THROUGH HELL WEEK and even though the outcome of your grades may not be what you want, IT'S FINE. As a fellow friend of mine once said, "C's get degrees," it's okay to accept that C.

I would like to applaud each and every one of you students for getting through Hell Week. You've made it through the first semester but the second semester is yet to come. Good luck fellow Cougs!