Cutting your hair is an exciting and sometimes scary adventure. You almost always have a style in mind and the hairdresser almost always finds a way to mess it up. There are stages to getting your hair cut and everyone knows it. Below are the five stages of a haircut.

1. Deciding to Cut Your Hair

You've made the decision to cut your hair and you couldn't be more excited. The appointment is set and you're finally going to trim those edges! You might even decide to do something drastic and cut half of your hair on one side and buzz the other. I speak from experience.

2. Uncertainty

You're sitting in the waiting area flipping through five year old hair magazines, wondering if you should really go through with this. Should you cut all of your hair off? Is today really the day to get a hair cut? All self doubt come crashing in on you at this point.

3. You Love It

The stylist has worked her magic and now you sit in the squeaky salon chair staring at your reflection with a smile on your face. It's exactly what you wanted and you couldn't be happier with your trimmed ends or completely new look.

4. Buyer's Remorse

You've had your new look for a few weeks, maybe even months now. It's come to the point where you don't know if you should have cut your hair in the first place. You look in the mirror and you hate what you see. There's nothing you can do now because your hair is long gone.

5. Time to Cut It Again

Your buyer's remorse is really getting to you now. There's only one thing that you can do at this point, and that is to cut your hair again. At this point, the stages have come full circle and it's time to get a haircut.