The First Week Of School, As Told By Drake And Josh

The first week back from vacation is always the worst. With brand new classes and professors, on top of balancing a social life, it isn't easy getting back in the swing of things. This struggle is too relatable, and my friends from the show Drake and Josh are here to better explain this crazy week.

It's the first day of classes, and you can't believe you have to say goodbye to your bed

But then you remember you look hot AF and are ready to show off your snazzy self to the world

On your way to class, you awkwardly bump into someone you hooked up with last semester and have no idea what to say

In the midst of this, you actually can't remember the building your class is in, making you lost for a quick second

You eventually find the class, and all of the talk about homework, quizzes, tests, and projects stresses you out

Then the professor makes you GO AROUND THE ROOM AND SHARE A FACT ABOUT YOURSELF, which causes even MORE STRESS

After getting through that class, you realize you have to walk all the way across campus for the next one

As you walk to class during the week, you see and catch up with old friends

Halfway through the week, you get your first assignment, which is such a killjoy

But then you realize it has a ridiculous word count and submit time, so you do everything you can to finish that sucker so it's out of your mind for good!

After a long, stressful week, you finally reach the weekend and have time to hang out with your buds!

Alas, Sunday night creeps up on you, and you can't believe you have to go through that crazy stress once again

But you remember that if you can get through the first week, you can definitely get through the rest of the semester, which gives you hope!

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