Summer is coming to an end and the fall season is coming soon! This might sound synonymous with the Game of Thrones ‘Winter is coming’ title. The Summer has been good and classes are about to start. You could see a lot of students moving into the campus for the Fall semester. Students ready to take on the world and fulfill their dreams and passions. Anxious parents and siblings will miss them and life is about to change for these young lads. You could see parents leaving their children at the dorms on campus and there are plenty of hugs and kisses exchanged. This scene makes me remember my days at school when my parents came to leave me to college. The University provides a platform for students to showcase their talents and achieve their success in various ways. The excitement and fear kicks in for all of the students and parents and siblings.

Time flies by quickly and the fall season will pass by soon and then winter will approach. Then spring and back onto summer. Slowly, the trees would change color and it’s a beautiful sight and then the leaves would fall down. The watermelon season has already begun and the season of Pumpkin is going to come soon. Welcome week is going to be big and people are already excited about it. The university is vastly diverse and has students coming in from different countries, cultures and traditions. The GLOBE on campus houses a large number of diverse students. There would be numerous activities and events in this fall semester and students, staff and alumni alike are going to enjoy them. Do not miss out on the Telegram news daily. It provides information on all the events and activities taking place on the campus. The student commons and gym would also be housing many events and programs. Make sure that you have fun and enjoy your classes this semester. Check out the Basketball games held at Siegel center and cheer for our university players. Also, cheer for the Soccer, Field Hockey, Tennis and other sporting events where our university is taking part and be a part and support the teams. Also, check out the movie nights at commons.

The university is filled with new students and parents helping them moving in. I think classes are going to start from the next week. The residence halls were jam packed and I too helped some students as part of my work. Be focused and concentrate on your goals. Give your best in everything you do and aim for the stars. With the facilities and support that the university provides, make the best use of it and achieve your dreams. Make your parents proud and aim high. My Best wishes to all the students and staff for the coming fall school year. Life is after all an experience, enjoy the fall semester and have fun. Good Luck and Best wishes from my side to all of you.