The Exit Sign Story

The Exit Sign Story

I think it's safe to say we are the only dorm room with an exit sign hanging on our wall.


Get ready for another crazy story, because you’re about to hear the origin story of the exit sign hanging on the wall in our room.

Once upon a time our best friend Elizabeth took Jenny and I on an adventure to the thrift store. I love thrifting, and this place had a lot of stuff. Jenny wandered off, like she does whenever we go to the store, and a few minutes later, she came to show me what she found. It was an exit sign, you know the ones with red letters that you see hanging above doors. She was so excited to hang it in our room, and I said to go for it, because it was only three dollars, which is a steal.

Flash forward to later on, when we were trying to figure out how and where to hang it. Jenny opened the door so if an RA walked by we could ask them for some help. We noticed on the back of the sign were some little holes that looked like they could be punched out, but it wasn’t that easy, so I started banging on it with a hammer. As I’m sitting on the floor banging on an exit sign, both of the RAs happened to walk by, so Jenny said something like “hey would it be okay if we hung a sign right outside our door?” And RA #1 said “oh yeah totally!” but RA #2 stopped, scrunched up her eyebrows, and said “what kind of sign?” Jenny gestured to me sitting just inside the doorway, and I held up the sign with an excited look on my face. The kind of look, I’m sure, that a three year would give their mom when she puts chocolate syrup and a twisty straw in their milk.

Neither one of the RAs said anything at first, but I could tell they were thinking something like where did you take that from? Exit signs aren’t something that are very easy to take. They’re usually up pretty high for one, and connected to an electrical source, so they light up. The only way we would be able to take one is if we found it lying around somewhere like fourth floor. (If you read my last article, you’ll remember that no one knows what goes on there. I’m pretty sure it’s haunted). Anyway, I quickly assured them that it wasn’t what it looked like, and Jenny explained that it was just an awesome thrift store find, and we were proudly hanging it on the wall.

We haven’t figured out how to get the sign to light up, but we do have it up on the wall. It hangs right above our bathroom door, and every time I look at it I think about the time we made our RAs think we stole an exit sign, which, honestly, was pretty awesome.

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