The Essentials For The Perfect Bar Cart

The Essentials For The Perfect Bar Cart

Forget democratic and republican parties, let's talk cocktail parties!

This year’s must have accessory is without a doubt the trendy and ever classic bar cart. Originating in the 1950’s when hosting cocktail hours were all the rage, bar carts were used by only the hippest and most posh hostesses. Still living up to the same status, the modern day bar cart has, once again, become the centerpiece for any and all trendsetting party lovers. But whether it’s the classic bar on wheels or a sturdy wooden set, every display requires a few essentials. If you’re looking to spice up your place permanently or just for the holidays, here are the top bar cart necessities that are sure to make you the hostess with the mostess.

1. The “booze”: First things first, what are you serving? Experts recommend stocking up on crowd favorites like vodka, whiskey, and bacardi with mixers on hand. But who said booze was even mandatory? You could have a wine cart, coffee cart, or mix of it all. This first item is totally your call but if I could make some suggestions it would be this, this, this, or this.

2. Glasses: Whether you go for copper mugs, crystal martini glasses, or coffee cups, there should always be a few arranged on the cart and are ready to be used. Try to keep an even number of glasses, but don't be afraid to have a few different styles represented. Two tall, two short, and four other will do; just make sure they are festive and suit your style! Check out some of my personal favs!

3. Cocktail Shaker: If you’re looking to impress your guests this is an absolute must; it shows that you don’t mess around when it comes to mixology. And unless you’re using it simply for decor, I would recommend learning how to use it properly before you find yourself throwing a drink all over your crush.

4. Ice Bucket: Because nobody likes a warm drink. The days of solo cups full of lukewarm fruit punch vodka are over. Do you and your guests a favor by keeping plenty of ice in your bucket. This larger piece will do wonders for pulling the whole look of your cart together so go for something simple in design and solid in color. Host tip: you are the ice, ice baby; don’t hesitate to replenish someone’s glass with ice if you notice they're running low.

5. Decorative Straws: Straws are a fabulous, easily changed, accessory to fit the mood or theme of any party. Since most of them are paper, they typically aren’t used for drinking (nor is any straw in your cocktail, contrary to popular belief). Instead, throw one in your drink and use to stir. Striped, chevron, or plain gold, display them in a cute decorative mason jar (or similar) to sass up your cart. Find cute ones at Bakers Party Shop!

6. Napkins: Sounds too simple, but you’d be surprised how much a colorful cocktail napkin can enhance the aesthetic of your bar cart. Every cocktail should be served with a napkin underneath to act as a decorative coaster. Believe me, your furniture will thank you. And like straws, napkins can be a fantastic way to enhance your party theme. Plus they are super cheap! Check out Target, this place, and of course Etsy!

7. Fresh Flowers: Stop and smell the roses people, fresh flowers are the move! If you’re willing to spend a little extra on your floral arrangement, check out BloomThat. They deliver, hands down, the most gorgeous floral arrangements to places all over the US. Ranging from $30 to $100, their price is absolutely worth every penny. Download their app right now and send yourself (or your friend) something nice!

8. Tray: The best way to organize and arrange the contents of your cart. Not only does the tray add dimension, it decreases the likelihood that your cart looks like a clustered, chaotic, major Pinterest fail. It is essential for making your cart look like the real deal and you like posh host you aspire towards. Here’s what I would use if I were you:

Embellishment: This is where your unique, personal touch gets to come out and shine! Use it as an excuse to get creative with artwork or something quirky and totally out of the ordinary. Think: display table at Francesca's full of all the trinkets and knick knacks you've convinced yourself you need. This includes but is not limited to: coasters, tabletop clocks, hourglasses, a gold decorative giraffe, string lights, trinket trays, candles, bowl of lemons and limes, box signs, and miscellaneous wine corks.

And you’re in luck! Black Friday is around the corner so get ready to shop, shop, shop your way to the perfect bar cart!


Cover Image Credit: Pexels

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For the longest time, people have considered tattoos to be improper, with reason. These painful and permanent markings on the skin have often been considered religiously and socially inappropriate, especially in Western civilizations. From the times where slaves were forced to have markings on their skin for identification, to the Bible telling us not to change our appearance, tattoos in the United States have been looked down upon.

There is not only a stigma derived from history but also common sense. Why would you want to go through such a painful process in order to permanently mark your skin with a belief or ideal that might change someday?

A Brief History of the Tattoo

The word tattoo comes from the Polynesian word “tatau” which means to write. Tattoos have been found on the oldest mummified corpses and have existed through time in many places and cultures for different reasons. They have symbolized rights of passage, marks of status and rank, symbols of religious and spiritual devotion, decorations of bravery, pledges of love, protection, and punishments. They were mostly brought to America by Japanese and Polynesian armatures and became popular during the American civil war among soldiers and sailors.

First a status of wealth, tattoos became cheaper and easier and became more prevalent for rebels and criminals. That’s where the stigma comes from today. Now, as history has developed, The Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology has concluded that Generation X and Generation Y (aka us) are not afraid to express themselves through their appearance, and tattoos are a popular form of self-expression. Today, people choose to be tattooed for artistic, sentimental, religious, or personal beliefs and encourage this form of self-expression.

When I walk into my hair salon, my stylist runs her hands through my hair and I can see the small black markings on her wrist and fingers. The stylists around her have on the most daring, creative outfits and they too have tattoos. They have red, pink, or black hair with hats, skirts, and bright makeup. When I sit in my digital design classroom, my young teacher has tattoos scattered over her arms as she talks about artistic pieces I don’t quite understand.

As I exit the plane to Hawaii, I see the owl on my aunt’s wrist as she hugs me, and tribal shin tattoos on my uncle when we go fishing in the ocean. Some of my sorority sisters have coordinates, roman numerals, and short sayings written on different places on their body.

We are all trying to express ourselves. The reasons tattoos interest me is because they are daring, artistic, and meaningful. They are outward expressions about how we feel and who we are on the inside and I think that's becoming more acceptable for the whole world to understand.

Cover Image Credit: Public Domain Pictures

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You Know Perfection Is Impossible, Right? So Stop Chasing It

We know it's unattainable, so why do we strive for it?

The strive for perfection is an exhausting and painful road. No matter how much we overcome, change and achieve, we never seem to be satisfied with ourselves because we believe we haven't reached that level of utmost supremacy.


Deep down we all have a basic comprehension that perfection is unattainable. We understand that everyone is unique and that perfection is a term coined by the beauty and fashion industry. Yet why do we continue to strive for it?

I believe it's because we all fear judgment and vulnerability. We live in the age of social media where everything is shared publicly online. We are living in the modern world of globalization where everyone can see anything and everything.

We get to see what other people have and compare it to what we don't have. We build up these scenarios such as "well she has a flat stomach, she's so perfect and happy" or "he looks like he has it all together, look at the brand name clothes he's wearing."

We use perfection as a way to appear as if we have it all. However, we also use it as a way to protect ourselves. We use the mirage of perfection as a mechanism to hide from ourselves. We clothe ourselves with the task of constantly reaching for "perfection" that we don't even get to sit back and try to understand why we want to achieve "perfection."

Why would we try to achieve perfection if we didn't already like ourselves? Why do we need to impress the people around us with our "perfection" rather than our genuine selves? Yes, society has built up this "standard" of what perfection is, but whatever happened to just saying, "Screw that"?

What happened to loving yourself regardless of what people think?

I think it's kind of ironic that we all try to strive for this sense of having it all together when literally none of us know what we're doing. Everyone is some sort of messed up. Everyone is imperfect. Yet, why are we so gullible to believe that perfection can be attained? If we live a life constantly striving for perfection we're always going to end up disappointed and comparing ourselves to someone else.

Perfection is a myth that will constantly lead you down a road of disappointment and agony. It is not attainable, even if you're a supermodel. The idea of the perfect life, job, salary, clothes, hair, weight, etc is not something we should strive for because even if we "obtain" this so-called perfection we're after, along the road we're going to find something else we want to perfect as well. it's a vicious and endless cycle, so why not be happy and enjoy your imperfect life as it is?

Cover Image Credit: 123rf

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