Mr. Reedy's Legacy
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Mr. Reedy's Legacy

Writing to you from a bygone era.

Mr. Reedy's Legacy

Hi Burgettstown! You are not forgotten! With the lack of an Easter Egg Hunt this year, I wanted to take some time to reflect upon all the good that the Burgettstown Kids' Center has brought to this town. The Kids' Center has always had the children of the town in its heart and mind and the volunteers of the Kids' Center are very sad to have to go, but the group is being disbanded. Thank you to everyone that has believed in us and dedicated their time to aid us in making Burgettstown the beautiful place that myself and many other children have had the privilege of growing up in. Now, I would like to invite everyone to think back on their fond memories of the Center and to keep them close to mind during the upcoming primary where my mother, Maryann Reedy, and friend of the Kids' Center, Vikki McClain, will be running for mayor. Jim Reedy, Janet Castellino, and Sammi Wank will also be running for re-election to borough council. Lastly, Sofia Akis will be running for tax collector. Please keep all of these names in mind when it comes down to making a decision for the upcoming primary on May 16th.

First, I would like to talk about our biggest event that we held annually, the Idlewild trip. It was truly the best thing that the Kids' Center ever organized. Every year, all the fundraising and work the volunteers put in was to ensure that we would be able to take 300+ people on a trip to the Idlewild amusement park. The trip was all inclusive and totally free of charge. Admission to the park, transportation, food, rides, the water park, everything; it was all free to those who went with us. This was done to help families give their children something that they may have not been able to do otherwise. This was the philosophy behind everything that the Kids' Center held. We wanted to help give these children the best possible childhood that they could receive.

With that being said, I would like to tie in the other events that we held, such as, the Easter Egg Hunt, Breakfast with Santa, the Halloween Party, Craft Classes, Movie Night, and Dances. All of these events were always immensely successful. With events put on during the holidays, like the Egg Hunt and Breakfast with Santa, we would accommodate upwards of 500 people. These events always included a snack and picture with the Easter Bunny or Santa, a craft, and in the case of the Easter Egg Hunt, an egg hunt which included over 10,000 eggs (all of which were filled through the efforts of all of our volunteers).

And finally, the most amazing thing that the Kids' Center was able to accomplish was the construction of the Burgettstown Community Park at the corner of Main street and Bell avenue. The park was the first major project that the volunteers of the Kids' Center spearheaded. We knew that this town needed something to liven its spirits, and through the grants, donations, and fundraising, we were able to give something truly wonderful to the town. The Kids' Center volunteers were the ones who made this possible for the community and also the people who still maintain the park. Over the years we have held many events at the park, and communities members were able to rent (more times than not, for free) out the pavilions for parties and events. We took that empty lot where a garbage dump once stood and turned it into a wonderful park for the children of Burgettstown. No matter the cost, we always made things that were in the best interest of the town happen.

We did everything that was humanly possible to ensure that we could put a smile on all of the faces of Burgettstown's children. They were the one and only reason for doing everything that we did. Countless hours were put in by everyone involved with the Kids' Center to make this town a nice, safe place for our children to grow up. But, the Kids' Center would be nothing without its volunteers and army of kids that never failed to attend every event to help us out. They were the true impetus of the organization. They are the real reason that we were able to give these children a wonderful childhood. They helped raise hundreds of children, even using their own money to buy some children Christmas presents when families were struggling to be able to buy that one gift their child wanted. Again, thank you all for your 13 years of support, and please remember to vote for Maryann Reedy, Vikki McClain, Jim Reedy, Janet Castellino, Sammi Wank, and Sofia Akis during this years primary. These people aspire to continue the growth of our community in the best possible direction. Lastly, I ask you all to please leave comments of all your favorite memories that the Kids' Center made possible. Thank you, Burgettstown.


The Reedy Family

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